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While it may not be totally smart to date someone you work with, office romances are bound to happen, but according to a new poll, it’s not happening as much as it has in the past.

A new CareerBuilder survey finds that 36% of workers say they’ve dated a co-worker, which  is actually a 10-year low. Men are slightly more likely than women to say they’ve dated a co-worker (37% vs. 35%), with 20% of males saying they’ve dated a colleague two or more times, while only 15% of gals say the same. And if they are dating a co-worker, folks don’t necessarily like to talk about it, with 41% saying they kept their office romance a secret.

Now things can get awkward if someone’s dating a person with a higher position in the company, but apparently that doesn’t stop it from happening. Overall, 22% of workers say they’ve dated someone they report to, with more women (27%) dating a superior than men (16%). What’s more, 30% of folks have dated someone higher up in their organization, with women again more likely to have done so (35% vs. 25%).

  • And dating someone in the office doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In fact, 31% of people say they wound up marrying the co-worker they dated. But all too often office romance can go sour, with someone getting hurt in the end. The survey finds that 24% of workers had an affair with a married colleague (27% men vs. 21% women), while 6% of people have actually left their job because an office romance went bad (9% women vs. 3% men).

Source: Yahoo Finance

It’s no secret that there are a lot of people out there addicted to Starbucks coffee. And if you’re one of those people who can’t go a day without your Venti Frappucino, Starbucks has just introduced a new way for you to get that caffeine buzz you’re craving. 

The coffee giant has just launched their first-ever co-branded Visa credit card. If you’re asking yourself why you’d ever need that when you could just get your fix with cash, well it turns out the new card will help coffee lovers rack up points, or as Starbucks calls them Stars, towards free stuff.

The Starbucks Reward Visa Card, named after the coffee giant’s loyalty program, is available through Chase for $49 a year, which may seem steep but the perks aren’t bad. For example, after spending $500 in the first three months, users will get 2,500 Stars, plus they’ll get one star for every $4 they spend in places other than Starbucks. In addition, cardholders will get eight free foods or beverages per year, plus they’ll achieve automatic gold status in the Starbucks Rewards program.

But there is one downside to the whole thing. Just like Stars that are earned the traditional way, ones accrued with the credit card expire on the first day of the month after six months.

Source: USA Today 

According to a new poll, women in their early 30s feel happiest about the way they look. Hair and skincare brand Healthspan Nurture Replenish asked 2,000 50-year-old women about when they felt most confident in their lives and it turns out, the magic number is 33. That’s when they said they were at an ideal weight, had no wrinkles, and their hair was in good shape.

Of the women polled, 72% admit their overall confidence depends on how they feel about their appearance. When asked about what made their confidence level drop, 62% said weight gain was to blame. Other age-related complaints included age spots, wrinkles, and losing elasticity in their skin.

And 46% of those polled believe confidence doesn’t necessarily come with youth, but that women have higher self-esteem levels as they become more comfortable with themselves. But when they’re feeling badly about their appearance, it affects their lives. Almost one in ten admit they’ve had a fight with a partner about a lack of confidence in their appearance and 14% admit they’ve cancelled plans with friends because of it.

But we’re all getting older, so we can’t let it get us down. Hot flashes, saggy skin, and grey hair sure beat the alternative!

Source: Whimn

Even if you’re not a natural born optimist, you probably see the value in teaching your kid to look on the bright side. But the world can be a dark and depressing place, so here are some tips for raising a hopeful little optimist.

  • Stop complaining, and focus on the positive - If your kids hear you talking about all the negative things that happen in your life, they’re more likely to focus on the bad things in their lives. So focus on the bright side and they’ll learn to give more mental weight to positive experiences.
  • Work on cutting absolutes out of your vocabulary - Pessimists think things are always going to go wrong, and they say things like “I can’t ever get that right” or “I always mess up” that reinforce that thinking. Try to swap the absolutes for “sometimes.”
  • Use hard situations to teach your kid to look on the bright side - Anything from being stuck in traffic to having to stay home from school because they’re sick can be a chance to talk to your little one and spend time together. Talk to them about the silver lining.
  • Give them a chance to succeed . . . and to fail - Build their self esteem by giving your kids age-appropriate chores to do around the house. And encourage them to take risks by trying a new sport or activity, even if they’re not sure about it, and they’ll learn you believe in them.
  • Praise effort, not talent - We all like a pat on the back, but if focusing on your kid’s hard work instead of their natural abilities teaches them that effort - the part they can control - is important. And don’t praise them when they haven’t done something well, they’ll see right through your BS and won’t trust your compliments as much.
  • Let them dream big - Let their imaginations run wild. If they want to be a famous singer or President of the United States, let them. Talking about being that best version of themselves helps them practice optimism.
  • Embrace anticipation - Having something to look forward to helps us all stay optimistic, so talk about the exciting things coming up in your family’s lives and help your kids look at the future more positively.

Source: PopSugar

Life gets so busy we don’t always make time to spend with our very best friend, the one we love spending time with more than anyone. So this year, make your friendship stronger by devoting some time to your bestie and checking off these BFF bucket list items.

  • Go on a trip - You might not make it on that trip to Spain you and your bestie have been dreaming about, but you can probably manage a weekend getaway or at least a day to play tourist in your own city.
  • Volunteer together - Bond with your BFF while lending a hand to a charity you both care about, and then reward yourself with glass of wine when you’re done.
  • Start a 2-person article club - If you don’t have time to organize a dozen busy women to read a book every month, an article club where you and your friend read and discuss longform articles is a good book club alternative.
  • Have a three-hour brunch - What could be better than catching up for hours with your best friend? Doing it over mimosas and waffles!
  • Binge-watch a TV series together - If you live in the same city, do it on each other’s couches. Or do it long distance and text to check in between episodes.
  • Try a new workout - Let her finally drag you to a Latin dancing class or go check out a goat yoga class together.
  • Celebrate your friendaversary - Whether you met later in life and you remember when you became besties or you’ve been soul sisters since preschool, commemorate your friendship by doing all your favorite things together.
  • Buy grown-up friendship bracelets - Like an adult version of those beaded bracelets you made at camp, but more chic and age-appropriate bling.

Source: PureWow

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