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As we previously told you, a survey of HR managers finds that many believe the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday, and there’s good reason for that, considering many people won’t be going to work anyway. 

According to a report by Mucinex, close to 14-million people watching the Super Bowl on Sunday plan to call in sick for work on Monday. What’s more, 19% of Americans say they have missed work in the past on the day after the big game, with 25% thinking it should be a holiday. 

Now if you’re wondering why people just don’t take the day off in advance, it seems most people don’t necessarily know they are going to need it until the last minute. In fact, the poll finds that 60% of employed Americans decide to call in sick either after the game has started or Monday morning.

  • As for the excuse they give for calling in sick, fever is the most common ailment (26%), followed by sore throat (14%), and headache (12%). And hey...now we have "the flu!"

Source: Yahoo Finance

When you’re a kid, the idea of having to wear glasses is a nightmare, with fears that fellow classmates may start calling your four-eyes, or nerd. But it turns out, glasses can be a really good thing once you get older. 

A new poll finds that there are a lot of positives about wearing glasses. According to the survey, a third of people believe glasses make someone look smarter, while a fifth of folks think they make people appear more trustworthy, and 10% think they can help someone’s chances of getting a promotion. 

And while in the past folks may have hated their glasses, more and more people are accepting them. In fact, 63% of glasses wearers like the way they look in their spectacles, while 40% are more comfortable with themselves when they are wearing them as compared to when they are not. And there are some people without glasses who wish they had them, with 13% of people envious of those with glasses and another 10% of admitting to wearing fake glasses. 

As for how glasses affect a person’s physical appearance, 20% of men think glasses make people appear more attractive, while 12% of women say the same, although 20% of people do think glasses make folks look “nerdy.”

Source: The Sun

While some love-drunk couples are excited and eager to spend their first Valentine’s Day together, lots of us have already had enough of everything heart-shaped and pastel-colored that goes with the holiday. But for some couples, Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on them to make it perfect with the right present and plans. We think the holiday is overrated and this is why.

  • Chocolate and flowers are cheaper every other day of the year - We get supply and demand economics and all, but the price hike for these Valentine’s Day staples seems unfair to those of us that want to set ourselves up for a sugar coma.
  • Classic rom coms have given us unrealistic expectations - Those movies we grew up with like “When Harry Met Sally” and “Say Anything” set us up to want the big romantic gestures and we’re not about to settle for less.
  • Finding a Valentine is hard - If you’re single and looking for a sweetie, it doesn’t get any easier as Valentine’s Day approaches. And you’ll probably scare someone off if you mention wanting them to be your Valentine on your very first date.
  • It’s nearly impossible to get a decent dinner reservation for February 14 - This is where planning ahead really pays off and if you don’t secure a spot early, you might be out of luck. Even if you do get a table somewhere, restaurants are overcrowded and way overpriced on Valentine’s Day.
  • We’re still broke from the holidays and can’t afford gifts - It’s hardly been a month since the holidays ended, so our budgets are still recovering from that round of present-buying. Valentine’s Day is expensive and way too overrated.

Source: Elite Daily

We’ve all heard that this year’s flu season has been really dangerous and it keeps getting worse. The CDC reports that over 6% of patients visiting hospitals and emergency clinics are showing flu-like symptoms and the scariest stat: more than 37 kids have died from the flu this year.

So parents are watching out for runny noses, coughs and fevers closer than ever before, but there’s one flu symptom most of us don’t know to look out for because we didn’t know.Brodi Willard, a Nebraska nurse and mom, warns parents to watch for hives after her son was diagnosed with influenza B and that was his only symptom.

Willard shared on Facebook earlier this week that her son came home from school with hives and every time he’d scratch, he’d get more. Nothing seemed to help. “I called his pediatrician,” she wrote. “They said they had two kids come into the office that day with the same symptoms and tested POSITIVE FOR INFLUENZA."

She took her son in and he was diagnosed with influenza B, even though he showed no symptoms other than the hives. Her post has gone viral and many parents have commented that their kids had hives as a flu symptom as well. So be aware of the hives and stay healthy out there.

Source: The Stir

Just when you think you’ve seen all the hair color trends on Instagram, a new one catches on. We’ve seen lovely locks with creative names like “mulled wine” hair and “peanut butter and jelly” hair, but if you’re looking to lighten things up from those darker shades, opal hair could be the cool new color trend for you.

So what does this color look like? Check out any of the 18,931 tagged photos of "opal hair" on Instagram to get an idea, or think of a light, peachy color with a platinum base and silvery pinks and ice blues mixed in. If your hair is already platinum, you could easily work in some of opal hair’s purples, pinks, oranges, or blues to get the look.

But if your hair is dark, you’re gonna really need to lighten it up to make it work, it’s tough to get the effect on anything darker than dirty blonde. So some hair colorists have come up with a darker spin on opal hair, calling it “opal-oil slick hair.” And that could save you some of the damage that can happen to your tresses when you go bottle blonde. But that’s just one downside to the trend and that’s what hair repair treatments like Olaplex are for.

Source: Glamour

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