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Every parent wants their kids to grow up and make a good living, and it seems there’s something parents could be doing when their kids are young that may help with that outcome.

A new study finds that teens who get involved in things like voting, volunteering and activism are more likely to earn more money and get a higher education than those who aren’t civically engaged. As a bonus, the study also suggests that volunteering and voting also decreases the risk of depression and negative health behaviors, such as substance abuse. 

Of course, getting your child to be civically engaged isn’t always easy. Experts say the easiest way to get them involved is to be involved yourself and set a good example. One mom notes it’s also important that kids know where you give and why you’ve chosen a particular organization, and also let the know “giving makes you feel good.”

  • And parents need to start when their kids are toddlers, maybe giving them a piggy bank, and then discussing with them how they want to use their money, encouraging them to earmark some of it for charity. And it’s not just about money, take your kids to volunteer with you, and start that young as well.
  • When it’s time for volunteering, make sure the child chooses a cause they really care about, and then let them see the results of their actions, like taking them to the food bank to see people get the food they helped raise money for. 

Source: Moneyish

Believe it or not, so many people took to social media worried about their Crock Pot, that, in case you missed it, Crock Pot actually opened up a Twitter account just to address all the concern. “Hi! We totally understand your concern. However, we want to assure you that we’re committed to safety,” they responded to one fearful tweet. “We test our Crock-Pots rigorously before they hit the shelves. Please DM us with any questions!” They add, "We get why people are upset. But in all seriousness we want people to know that they are safe when using a #CrockPot Slow Cooker."

Even “This is Us” creator Dan Fogelman has been forced to defend the innocent Crock Pot. After the episode aired he tweeted, “Taking a moment to remind everyone that it was a 20 year old fictional crockpot with an already funky switch? Let's not just lump all those lovely hardworking crockpots together.” And he isn’t the only one sticking up for the appliance. Some people have started tweeting with the hashtag #CrockPotIsInnocent to come to its defense.

Source: Thrillist

As you’ve probably heard, this year’s flu season is a particularly bad one, and with lots of people probably sick at home because of it, there’s a good chance many of them are not doing the right things to get themselves healthy.

While you may feel like crap, a bad cold isn’t the same as the flu, so if you really do have the flu there are a lot of things you shouldn’t be doing, and some of them may surprise you.

Things you shouldn’t be doing if you have the flu include:

  • Skip the cough medicine – No matter how annoying that cough is, over-the-counter medicines really aren’t going to help, because the amount of cough suppressants in the meds aren’t high enough. Plus, don’t mix products that have acetaminophen like Tylenol or Nyquil or Theraflu, because having too much of that can cause liver damage.
  • Don’t take antibiotics – Antibiotics aren’t going to do anything for the flu because it’s caused from a virus, and only antiviral meds can help. Antibiotics treat bacterial infections.
  • Don’t lie down – Yes you need to rest when you have the flu, but lying down will be harder on your lungs. Although it may be tough, try and rest sitting upright to make it easier on your lungs, plus you’ll feel better and can breathe better. 
  • Don’t give children aspirin – While you may be tempted to reach for aspirin to help your kid's fever or headache from he flu, kids can acutally suffer some serious complications from it. Instead, give them acetaminophen or ibuprofen for reducing fever, but be careful to read labels to make sure you’re not combining meds that you shouldn’t be.
  • Don’t drink a hot toddy – You may think a little alcohol will help you sleep, but the truth is it won’t be a good sleep, and can lead to dehydration, and staying hydrated is key to recovering from the flu.
  • Don’t take a cold shower – You may think a cold shower or ice bath will help your fever come down, but the truth is it will make it go up. Instead, tepid water is the key, so try to sponge down with lukewarm water.
  • Don’t go to work – This seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people probably don’t abide by it. Going to work will put your colleagues at risk, and the CDC says to wait until you’ve been fever free without meds for 24 hours before you return.

Source: Today

Krispy Kreme fans have spoken and we hope they all really like lemon. Earlier this month the donut giant asked customers to vote on what should be the company’s next donut flavor and lemon won.

According to the company, lemon got 38% of the vote, followed by caramel (26%), blueberry (20%) and maple (18%). As for how the donut will taste, we won’t know for a bit, since the company’s donut creators are now working on the upcoming Lemon Glazed Donut, which will hit stores this spring.

“Lemon won the vote," Krispy Kreme Chief Marketing Officer Jackie Woodward, says, "but we can’t glaze over the fact that the other three flavors all received a lot of support, even beyond the vote." And it sounds like the other flavors may get a chance in the future. Woodward adds, "while the polls are closed, our minds are not."

Source: Food and Wine

For chocolate lovers, the only thing worse than having no chocolate is watching their chocolate melt because it’s just too darn hot outside. But according to an expert, no matter how much you may be tempted to throw that chocolate bar in the fridge to keep it from melting away, you should try and resist at all costs.

According to chocolate expert Luke Owen Smith, as much as you may not want that chocolate bar to melt, chilling chocolate in the fridge will make it “dull,” and then it "doesn't release the flavors.”

So, what should you be doing with your chocolate? Well, Luke says the best thing to do is store it in a dark, cool and dry place, with chocolate tasting its best at room temperature. Ideally it should be ket at 59 degrees, with 50 the minimum and 68 the maxium. 

But if things are getting too hot and you really have no option Smith says the best bet is to put your chocolate in a sealed container in the fridge so it doesn’t obsorb any foreign flavors from your fridge. And when you want to eat it, make sure the chocolate comes back up to room temperature before you enjoy.

Source: Stuff

Disneyland – which some folks call the happiest place on Earth – is about to get even more magical for Mickey and Minnie fans 21 and older. Because the theme park in California is getting a brewery!

San Diego-based brewery Ballast Point is opening a 7,000-square foot restaurant and brewery inside Downtown Disney. So Disney-lovers can kick back with an IPA between meeting characters and riding rides. According to “Disney Destinations,” this will be the mouse’s first-ever on-site brewery, tasting room, kitchen, and outdoor beer garden.

“As one of Southern California’s premier brewers, for the team at Ballast Point, we couldn’t be more honored to work with such an icon in our great state and become the first brewer at Downtown Disney,” Marty Birkel, president of Ballast Point Brewing, says in a statement. “We hope SoCal locals and visitors alike will enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, seasonal cuisine, and good cheer (and beer) of our signature tap room experience that we plan to bring to Downtown Disney.”

Source: Cosmopolitan

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