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The Super Bowl is a little over a week away and there are likely lots of people already planning their Super Bowl party menu. Any good bash will no doubt have lots of chips and beer bought for the occasion, and, of course, plenty of chicken wings.

According to a report by the National Chicken Council, a whopping 1.35-billion chicken wings will be consumed Super Bowl weekend, which is up 1.5%, or 20-million wings, from last year.

Just how many wings is that? Well, if that many wings were laid along Interstate 95, the distance would run from Philly’s Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles play, to Massachusetts’ Gillette Stadium, where the Patriots play, close to 250 times. It’s also enough wings to circle the earth three times.

As for how folks will be eating those wings, 59% will be dipping them in Ranch dressing, but other sauces are also pretty popular, including:

  • Buffalo/Hot Sauce (48%)
  • BBQ Sauce (48%)
  • Honey Mustard (35%)
  • Blue Cheese (33%)
  • Teriyaki Sauce (23%)
  • Sriracha (15%)
  • Nothing/”eat them naked” (8%)

Source: National Chicken Council

While most people love a good Super Bowl party, the problem is it’s on a Sunday, which means partying too hard can make it a bit tough to get up for work the next day. Well, it turns out a lot of HR managers think people shouldn’t have to. A new poll by OfficeTeam finds that 72% of HR managers think the day after the Super Bowl should be a paid holiday from work.

Of course, it's not like a lot of employees don’t take off work anyway. In fact, 27% of workers say they’ve called in sick after a major sporting event like the Super Bowl, the NBA Finals or the World Series, while another 32% have been late to the office the day after a big game. Not surprising, younger employees, ages 18 to 34 (40%) and males (36%) are most likely to skip work after a sporting event, and they are also most likely to be late (44% and 42% respectively).

And even if they are in the office, a lot of employees wind up waisting work time talking about the game. Workers claim to spend about 27 minutes each day on sports-related activities, although male employees spend the most time (37 minutes) as do those 18 to 34 (35 minutes). 

Source: OfficeTeam

While you may think you are super close with all of your co-workers, you probably shouldn't be talking to them about what goes on in your bedroom.  That's because a new poll finds that 71% of workers believe intimacy is an inappropriate topic of conversation at the office.

But it’s not the only topic that’s off limits. Other inappropriate subjects include:

  • Drug use (69%)
  • Gossip about a co-worker (57%)
  • Salary or income (42%)

So what do you do if someone brings up the subject? Well, if the conversation doesn’t fall under harassment, psychologist Crystal Lee suggests letting the person know you don’t want to hear about it, but do it without being rude. Try using non-verbal clues, like turning your body away from them, and if that doesn’t work, try changing the subject. You can even try adding some humor if it feels appropriate for the situation.

If they still don’t get the hint, let them know you are uncomfortable, just do it when you are alone with the person, not in front of the whole office. And if all else fails, you can always go to HR. 

Source: New York Post

Not everyone who has a special someone to spend Valentine’s Day loves the love holiday. Some people actually hate it and that can make it harder to find them the perfect present to show how much you care on February 14. But if you know why they dislike Valentine’s Day, here are some gift ideas for your anti-Valentine:

  • If they think It's super cheesy: something artsy - Even though everything is pink, red, and heart-shaped this time of year, you can still find something for your Valentine that breaks that mold. If your sweetie hates how corny this holiday can be, go for an artsy gift and show them how much you care in style.
  • If it's a painful reminder of being unlucky in love: something personalized - If your bestie is down because she doesn’t have anyone to celebrate Valentine’s Day with, distract her from all the super mushy posts on social media by giving her a personalized present. Remind her how loved she is with something unique, like a necklace from Etsy with her name.
  • They think planning the perfect date is too much pressure: An authentic food experience - For those who aren’t natural-born planners, there’s EatWith. You choose a destination in over 130 countries and they’ll help you find the social eating experience right for you, with a host to make it more than a just meal.
  • If they think monetizing love is completely unromantic: matching temporary tattoos - If your main squeeze thinks it cheapens the meaning of your bond to spend large amounts of money on a Valentine’s dinner or gift, show them you care by writing them a song or poem, or something that’s anti-long-term commitment, like a temporary tattoo.
  • If they have a chocolate allergy: monthly alcohol membership - Show your Valentine you care with a beer or wine of the month club subscription. They’ll get a monthly reminder of your affection delivered right to their door and might even share with you.

Source: Elite Daily

If you exercise, you’re probably healthier than someone who’s never seen the inside of a gym or taken a walk for fun, but being physically fit is just one part of being healthy. Dietitian Rachel Hartley and Dr. Cindy Geyer explain that “optimum health is a combination of our physical, mental, and social well-being.” Not sure how healthy you are? Here are some signs you’re healthier than you think.

  • You eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full - Listening to your body is a sign you have a good relationship with food. It’s healthier to eat until you’re satisfied, but not stuffed.
  • You're eating enough - It’s important to eat enough calories so that you’re not weak or feeling moody and to eat a varied diet of different food categories.
  • You can make it up two flights of stairs and feel good - You don’t have to be able to run a marathon to be in good shape. Being able to walk up two flights shows your body can perform high-intensity activity.
  • You have the energy to do what you want - This one is a little more vague, but having the emotional and physical energy to do the things you want to is a good sign of good health.
  • You can wake up without an alarm clock - Getting plenty of quality rest is important and so is waking up at the same time every day. If your internal clock is this good, it’s a sign you’re healthy.

Source: Whimn

Makeup companies love a good throwback, that’s why there was “Clueless” nail polish from Essie and a whole Lisa Frank makeup collection from Glamour Dolls in the last year alone. And if you love ‘90s nostalgia, too, get ready to be excited about the newest launch from indie beauty brand Sola: “Saved by the Bell” lipstick.

Yes, that early ‘90s teen show is making a comeback in the form of a lipstick trio names after the girls of Bayside High. Kelly Kapowski’s color is a warm pink, Jessie Spano’s is bronze, and the Lisa Turtle one is a plum shade. The lipstick has a metallic finish and the packaging even pays homage to the show’s look with neon doodles and zigzags.

Sola is no stranger to ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture, they previously came out with a “Flashdance” eyeshadow palette and a “Dirty Dancing” makeup set. This “Saved by the Bell” lipstick seems be the only product coming out in this collection and it hits stores February 3.

Source: Elle

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