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While there are always a few couples who claim they never fight, the truth is they are probably lying. It’s simply human nature for couples to argue, and while sometimes disagreements can be for very serious reasons, often significant others will argue over some of the stupidest things.

Well, in case you missed it, a new hashtag on Twitter has folks revealing exactly what those stupid things are. The #StupidThingsCouplesFightAbout hashtag kicked off over the weekend, and people couldn’t help but share, and some of the posts are hilarious, and totally relatable.

Stupid things couples argue about include:

  • “Whether or not Die Hard was a Christmas movie.”
  • “Who holds the remote is very big in our world.”
  • “Who’s the better driver.”
  • “Why it’s so difficult to replace the toilet paper after it’s gone.”
  • “Snoring.. he snores too loud but he denies he snores...”
  • “Putting the toilet seat down.”
  • “When she has a dream about you doing something stupid, then blames you for it.”
  • “Why the person who takes the garbage out can't put a bag back in can.”
  • “Breathing too loud.”
  • “Putting the cap on the toothpaste.”
  • “Definitely when they cheat on you by watching tv shows without you.”
  • “Whether we’ve been fighting a lot.”
  • “Pineapple on pizza. Clearly, it's a great topping.” 

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Source: Elite Daily 

It’s no secret that getting a good education is a key to a better future, and in some cases the more education you have, the better that future may be. But it turns out, education isn’t equal around the country, with some states doing a better job than others at educating their population.

Well, WalletHub has just come out with their list of the Most Educated States in the Country, comparing all 50 states across 15 total metrics grouped into two categories, 'educational attainment' and 'quality of education.'

Coming in at number one overall is Massachusetts, which earned a ranking of 81.92 out of 100, and is number one in both educational attainment and quality of education. Massachusetts also has the highest percentage of bachelors degree holders, as well as graduate or professional degree holders, and is also tops for highest average university quality.

Top Educated States in the U.S.

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Maryland
  3. Connecticut
  4. Vermont
  5. Colorado

As for the other end of the spectrum, Mississippi is the least educated state in the country, with a score of 21.06. It comes in dead last for quality of education, and second to last for educational attainment.

Least Educated States in the U.S.

  1. Mississippi
  2. West Virginia
  3. Louisiana
  4. Arkansas
  5. Alabama

Click here to find out where your state ranks.

Source: WalletHub

Growing up is tough when you’re a teen and it doesn’t get much easier when you’re an adult. As we get older, we become more self-sufficient, and that means feeling confident in our abilities and really knowing ourselves. And sometimes we just have to fake it until we make it. But by the time we’re grown women, these are some things we need to learn how to do, no matter how intimidating they are.

  • Negotiate pay - When you’re starting a new job or looking for a raise at your current one, it’s important to know what you’re worth. You have to believe it if you expect anyone else to.
  • Turn down an invitation - You’ll get stuck doing a lot of things you don’t want to spend your time on if you don’t learn the art of saying no. Master this skill so you don’t accept dates you don’t want to go on or get guilted into going to events you don’t want to attend.
  • Leave someplace when you’re not having fun - You only have so much time, why waste it on something you don’t want to do?
  • Ask for what you want in bed - Less-than-stellar sex happens to everyone at some point, but if you get comfortable with asking for what you want, it’ll be better for you in bed.
  • Respectfully disagree - Learning to listen to other people’s opinions even when you don’t agree with them is a valuable life skill that lets you connect with all kinds of people and stay true to yourself.
  • Talk yourself up - No one wants to be a bragger, but if you’re not willing to talk yourself up for a job or some other opportunity, someone else who is willing to will happily take that opportunity.
  • Take on things you don’t feel ready for - Part of growing up is encouraging yourself to do things you don’t think you can and trusting that you’ll figure it out. It can be scary, but so is being a grown up.

Source: Bustle

Cancer rates are still on the rise, there were more than 1.6-million new diagnoses in 2016. But you can help your odds with the deadly disease by eating the right foods. Here are a few cancer-fighting foods you should stock your kitchen with all the time.

  • Chia seeds - They’re packed with protein and antioxidants that are all associated with prevention of lung and prostate cancer. Plus, chia seeds are full of fiber, which could lower the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Red grapes - You don’t need red wine to get resveratrol - one of the most studied cancer-fighting compounds - it’s in red grapes, too.
  • Walnuts - These have nearly twice the antioxidants as other popular nuts, so they’re sometimes called the “super nut.” Polyphenols in walnuts may help prevent prostate cancer and they have a high amount of a fatty acid linked to reducing colon cancer.
  • Artichokes - Polyphenols in these cause breast and colorectal cancer cells to die! These phytochemicals may help prevent cancer cell growth. Artichokes are also high in folate, a B vitamin associated with lower risk for lung cancer.
  • Blueberries - Not only are they tasty, blueberries are also full of anthocyanins, which are strong antioxidants linked to hindering various types of cancer.
  • Brussels sprouts - Forget what your eight-year-old self thought of these veggies and give them another chance. Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables contain molecules that stop tumor formation in the bladder, breast, colon, liver, and lung. Eating more cruciferous veggies has been linked to lower rates of prostate, lung, and breast cancers.

Source: Women's Health

Need some extra help sticking to your workout plan? All you need to do is find a friend who’s into fitness and they can motivate you. According to a new Dutch study, having a “fitness buddy” makes a huge difference.

Scientists found that having a “fitness buddy” makes such a positive impact, more than 90% of people who started a workout program with a friend were continuing to workout a year later. Researchers followed members of fitness groups and their “buddy coaches” and found that fitness levels “rose sharply” when they worked together.

Researcher David van Bodegon says the buddies in the study were from the same background as the group and understood their circumstances, goals, and limitations, which he says is crucial. So find your friend who gets your fitness style and you’ll get more sweat sessions in than if you try to go it alone.

Source: Whimn

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