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Considering a lot of people dread working out, getting motivated to go to the gym can be tough. But what if someone paid you to do it, do you think you’d go more? Well, that’s the idea behind a new app that seems to be gaining in popularity.

Sweatcoin is a new app that hopes to get people sticking to their New Year’s resolutions by paying them. The app connects to a phone’s fitness and location data, and when it computes that a user has gotten in 1,000 steps, they earn 95 cents in sweatcoins. Although the app considers that earned money as “digital currency,” it’s not like you’re going to be getting a check in the mail. Instead, they are more like reward points, with users being able to cash them in for workout gear or classes, or they can even donate them to charities.

And it seems that a lot of folks are down with this new form of motivation. So far more than five million users are using the app, and it ranks as the third most popular free app, and the most popular health and fitness app, in Apple’s App Store.

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Lots of us vowed to eat healthier this year and some of us even made New Year’s resolutions to go more extreme, like quitting sugar. But some of the foods we consider healthy could actually ruin our diets. Here are the top five “healthy” foods to watch out for when you’re trying to eat better.

  • Gluten-Free Food - Just because it’s gluten-free doesn’t make it healthy. There are plenty of packaged and processed gluten-free foods out there that are actually higher in calories, so know what you’re eating.
  • Green Juice - Sugar is the bad guy here and lots of it. Cold-pressed juices are packed with veggies and fruits, but one popular bottled green juice has 52-grams of sugar, which is more sugar than five Krispy Kreme glazed donuts!
  • Fat-Free Anything - Research shows fat-free and low-fat foods have up to 10% more calories and 40% more sugar than their full-fat counterparts. Taking fat out of something also takes away flavor, so to compensate extra flavoring and sugar are added and that’s anything but healthy.
  • Trail Mix - We think it’s healthy because it’s got dried fruit and nuts, but the chocolate in there isn’t so great for us. It’s healthier to snack on unsalted nuts and when you’re craving chocolate, indulge in some dark chocolate, which is better for us.
  • Acai Bowls - You’ve seen them on Instagram and they’re so pretty, they must be healthy, right? Well acai is a superfood, but when you pack that bowl with toppings like fruit, granola, and honey, it adds up to a whole bunch of sugar. Eat the acai, which is low in sugar and full of antioxidants, and skip all the high calorie extras.

Source: Foodbeast

here are plenty of folks out there who still think giving up gluten is going to be the key to losing weight and getting them healthy, but it appears as though those people are really kidding themselves. Now we know there are plenty of people who have to give up gluten because of an intolerance, or Celiac disease, but those doing it just because may want to rethink things after they hear this latest report. 

A new study finds that most gluten-free foods actually contain more fat, salt and sugar than their gluten-containing counterparts. The study from the University of Hertfordshire looked at 1700 products from popular supermarkets and finds that while gluten-free crackers did seem to be healthier, most other products aren't. In addition to the high fat, salt and sugar, they are also lower in fiber and protein. 

And not only will folks not be getting any healthier eating gluten-free, they’ll also be wasting a lot of money. The study also finds that gluten-free products are about 159% more expensive than similar items that contain gluten.

Source: The Daily Mail

Ready to switch up your fitness routine? Rebounding - which is the trendy name for a trampoline workout - is a fun way to work in your sweat sesh and it’s good for you, too. Before you sign up for a class at a rebounding studio or invest in your own mini trampoline, here are a few of the benefits of bouncing.

  • Less pain, more gain - The trampoline absorbs the landing shock, so there’s no hip, knee, or ankle pain. And because your body is working to stay upright and stabilize you, bouncing gives you a great core workout.
  • Science backs that up - According to a 2016 study, rebounding is “twice as effective at improving aerobic fitness and 50% more efficient at burning fat than running.” That’s because bouncing keeps our heart rate elevated while forcing us to engage in “more dynamic movement” and stabilization.
  • Bouncing stimulates the body’s detox process - The jumping helps shake up any toxins being held in the lymph tissue, which helps drain the lymphatic system and get the toxins out.
  • Rebounders are more versatile than you think - You can do more than just bounce on one, it can be a balance board, a barre, and a plyometric bench, so you can get a cardio and toning workout with it.
  • Don’t forget about how much fun it is - When your endorphins kick in and you feel like a kid again, you’ll forget that you’re getting a good workout because you’re having so much fun.

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After a long day, sometimes the last thing we want to do is get dressed up and head out for date night. But when Valentine’s Day rolls around, that’s kind of the expectation for a lot of couples. The thing is, you don’t have to leave the house to show your sweetie how special they are to you, as long as your bae doesn’t mind a lazy Valentine’s celebration. Here are some uber relaxing ways to enjoy it at home.

  • Have dinner and a movie in your bed - Nothing says “I love you” more than your shared desire to relax and play it low-key on Valentine’s Day. And one of the best ways to celebrate that love is with dinner and a movie - in bed - where you’re comfy, cozy, and ready for any post-dinner lovin’.
  • Order delivery from a bougie restaurant - Make the most of love’s holiday by switching up your takeout order from your go-to Chinese place to that trendy spot you both wanted to try. By ordering it in, you get to enjoy fine cuisine in the comfort of your sweats. What could be more romantic?
  • Have a wine tasting night in - This one takes a little planning, but instead of splurging on a fancy dinner out, you could buy a few bottles of nicer wine you both want to try. Add some cheese and crackers and you’re all set.
  • Have a romantic game night... with a twist - All you need is some booze, some board games, and some creativity to turn those family-friendly games into strip games.
  • Camp out in your living room - It’s freezing outside, but you can bring the outdoors in by pitching a tent in the living room. Light some candles and enjoy camping with the convenience of your own bathroom just steps away.

Source: Elite Daily

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