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There are a lot of things to worry about in a relationship, but it turns out one of the biggest concerns people have is money.

A new John Hancock #RelationshipGoals survey finds that 74% of couples share a checking account, and 68% share a savings account. And while this may sound like good news, it turns out one-third of those couples still have feelings of anxiety, confusion and fear about saving money with their partner.

When it comes to money, communication is a huge challenge, with 57% of people admitting they avoid bringing up the subject. And those who do talk about it aren’t necessarily sitting down and having a real conversation, especially considering where and how they do it. The survey finds: 

  • 70% discuss financial goals only sporadically or during a casual conversation
  • 52% discuss them over a meal at home
  • 21% discuss them over a meal in a restaurant
  • 8% discuss them via text message

Another issue that is preventing people from saving money is their attitude when it comes to purchasing or splurging. The survey asked respondents how they’d spend thins like gifts or bonuses, and it turns out the smaller the amount, the less chance they will save it, and the larger the chance they’ll spend it without their partner.

  • For example, 60% of people said they’d spend a gift of $50 on themselves. It's only when it comes to larger amounts that they are more likely to save it, with 69% of people saying they’d put a gift or bonus of $5,000 towards savings or retirement.

Source: John Hancock

It’s safe to say that most people have at least one, if not many, pairs of jeans in their closet, and while they are certainly easy to throw on as you head out for the day, when it comes to cleaning them, it’s anything but easy. A debate is currently raging online regarding how often, if at all, you should wash your jeans, and it seems there's a lot of different schools of thought. 

Overall, most people agree that they take a “less is more” approach to washing them, but some actually admit to rarely washing their favorite denim. Some say they skip the washing because they are lazy, others don’t like the feel of them after they’re washed, while some just don’t feel the need unless they spill something on themselves.

“My dog keeps sniffing my jeans as if to say 'do you realize these were in the dirty laundry?'" one person joked, while another non-washer added, “never know if I've actually lost weight or if my pants just fit looser because I've worn them for two weeks straight without a wash."

Still, there are plenty of people totally disgusted at the thought of not putting their jeans in the laundry after every wear, although that’s probably not great for them. Back in 2014, the CEO of Levis suggested just spot washing them, or at most, hand washing them and letting the air-dry.

Source: The Daily Mail

The CDC recommends that everyone over the age of six months gets a flu vaccine shot this year. And the 2017/2018 influenza strain is especially dangerous. In the past, seasons with this type of strain predominating have been associated with more hospitalizations and deaths in people over 65 and young kids, but this year seemingly healthy people are dying of the flu, too.

So to stay as healthy as you can, try to avoid touching these especially germy spots:

  • Airplane food trays and seat pockets - Those nasty bugs can stick around for days on planes. Research from the American Society for Microbiology shows that MRSA lasted longest (168 hours) on material from a seat-back pocket and E. coli lasted longest (96 hours) on material from the armrest of planes.
  • Subway turnstiles and bus ticket machines - They’re touched by so many hands and hardly ever disinfected, so it’s no wonder that a study from the UK found that commuters are six times more likely to develop an acute respiratory infection if they recently traveled by bus or train.
  • Office coffee stations and water coolers - We stay away from coughing, sneezing coworkers, but then we drink from the same coffee pot right after them. Other germy things to avoid in the office: doorknobs and other people’s keyboards.
  • Liquid soap in washrooms - Research shows one in four soap dispensers in public restrooms are contaminated with bacteria - including fecal matter.
  • Aisle seats in planes, trains and theaters - More people touch those seats while trying to find their own, so you’re more likely to be exposed to something if you sit there.
  • Salt and pepper shakers - They’re rarely cleaned in restaurants and when’s the last time you gave yours at home a wipe down with a Lysol wipe?
  • Exercise equipment at the gym - Bacteria love moisture and they love sweat even more. In one study, rhinoviruses - the most common virus to cause the common cold - were found still clinging to exercise equipment, even after cleaning. So get your hand sanitizer ready, you’re gonna need it.

Source: NY Post

A lot of folks are probably already dreaming about their 2018 vacations, and just as many are likely already doing research to pick their next destination. Well, Kayak is here to help, and has just come out with their annual Travel Hacker Guide, which gives tips on the best time to travel, as well as reveals the destinations that are looking to be the most popular of the year.

Overall, the site says if you’re looking to find a cheap domestic flight, your best bet is to fly this month, with January 31st being the cheapest day to fly of the year. International travelers should think about traveling in March, when the median airfare price is the lowest, with March 19th being the cheapest day for international travel.

Another tip is to be flexible with departure days, with some of the cheapest days to fly falling on either a Tuesday or Saturday.

  • So, where is everyone going this year? Well, according to the site, Maui, Hawaii is seems to be gaining the most popular this year, with searches up 51%, followed by Barcelona, which is up 33%.
  • Overall, the most popular destination for 2018 is going to be Las Vegas, the third year in a row, and if a beach vacation is more of your style, Ocho Rios in Jamaica seems to be the spot most people are interested in, with searches up 206%. If saving money is the most important thing to you, you may want to look into Guadalajara, Mexico, which is about 41% less than the average trip cost. 

Top Ten Most Popular Destinations For 2018

  1. Las Vegas
  2. New York
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Orlando
  5. Chicago
  6. Denver
  7. Miami
  8. San Francisco
  9. London
  10. Seattle

Source: Business Insider 

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