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We don’t remember everything that happens to us as kids, but some things really stick with us as we grow up. Some childhood memories, like the way mom reacted to my grandfather dying, are as clear today as when they happened. These are some of the things your kids won’t forget when they’re adults.

  • The experiences you had with them - They won’t remember every toy you gave them for their birthday, but they will remember that time you took them out for ice cream and it was just the two of you.
  • The time you put your device down for them - Your kid can feel it when you give them your undivided attention. So when you’re willing to put down your phone and stop checking Facebook to hear about the little thing they want to share, they can sense they have all of you and they feel how much you love them.
  • Your positive words for them - Telling your little one things like “I’m proud of you,” “You make this family better,” and “You’re a good friend,” boost their self esteem and they’ll remember them.
  • How you handled tough situations - Our kids look to us for guidance and when you’re dealing with a tough time, like loss or illness in the family, your kids will remember how you reacted, the way you spoke to them, and how you made them feel safe.
  • The way you and your partner behave around other adults and each other - Our little ones take cues from us, so if they see us talking about someone behind their back, they think it’s okay to act that way. But if you’re loving and positive with your partner, they learn that from you, too.
  • How you acted under stress or pressure - Life isn’t always stress-free and easy and when you’re about to crack under pressure, your kids can tell. Be aware of how you react and handle yourself, so you can help raise them to handle stress like pros.

Source: PopSugar

It’s no secret that most dog owners love their dogs, and it turns out, they love them so much they’d rather spend time with their four-legged friends than their two-legged counterparts.

A new survey of 2,000 dog owners finds that 51% admit they sometimes skip out on being social in order to spend time with their pooches, while 75% don’t like to be away from their dogs at all. And while you think people are missing out on companionship by not going out with other people, it seems most dog owners are getting plenty of that from their four-legged family member.

  • Overall, 60% of dog owners say their pooch takes care of them in some way, with 82% of people saying their mental and emotional health has improved because of their dog.
  • What’s more, 40% of dog owners say they’ve leaned on their pet as they were dealing with the loss of a loved one, and 20% have gotten through a breakup better because of their pooch.
  • But that’s not all, 81% of owners say they talk to their dog like they’re a friend, with owners who are single twice as likely to discuss their relationship issues with their dog. 
  • And dogs are also apparently good for owners’ overall health, with two-thirds of those polled saying their dog helps them keep their exercise routine, with 62% saying their dog gets them out of the house for a walk at least two times a day and 68% saying their health has improved because of it. 

Source: New York Post

We all have that friend who can’t help but brag about all the great things that are going on in their life...every time we see them. And while those people are annoying, it turns out there’s an entirely different group of people that get to folks even more.

According to a new study, while nobody really likes a bragger, most people hate a humblebragger even more. You know that person who has perfected the way of bragging about something great in their life while still trying to appear modest in the process.

Researchers out of Harvard and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill asked 646 people to track instances of humblebragging in their life and how they felt about it. Overall, volunteers reported that social media posts featuring a humblebrag were the most insincere, with complaining and outright bragging scoring higher for believability and sincerity.

What’s more, participants considered a comment that contains some sort of boast along with humility-based comment the worst and most annoying type of humblebrag. For instance when someone claims to have just rolled out of bed and look bad, yet they are still getting hit on.

  • As the researchers note, “These findings offer initial evidence that the more individuals are perceived to use humblebragging the more they come across as less likeable, sincere and competent.” Amen to that!

Source: New York Post

While a lot of us may think we solve problems better on our own, a new study reveals that there really is a benefit to talking things out with a group.

A new study  finds consulting a person, or persons, could decrease errors by a significant amount. While some may believe consulting others will lead to “herd think,” and poor results, the study finds the exact opposite to be true. In fact, solving problems in groups reduce errors by as much as 50% as compared to someone working alone.

The study asked 5,180 people some general knowledge questions. First folks were given 20 seconds to answer the questions alone, and then they were put in groups of five and given a minute to come up with an answer to four of the eight original questions. What they found was that the groups reduced the errors by 49.2%.

  • As for how they came up with their answers, most groups responded, “We shared arguments and reasoned together.” This suggests that by talking things out with other people, folks are more likely to understand a problem and then solve it.
  • “To our surprise, we found that social influence and within-group deliberation actually increased the wisdom of crowds,” lead author Dr. Joaquin Nvajas explains. “By averaging collective estimates coming from different groups, we found that the crowd became wiser.”

Source: Daily Mail

Anxiety can hit you any time of day or night, but it feels more unsettling when you wake up feeling anxious. Here are a few reasons you may be feeling anxious from the moment you wake up.

  • You’re not getting enough quality sleep - Not getting enough good sleep increases anxiety, especially for people who already have anxiety to begin with. The brain chemicals related to mental health are replenished when we’re asleep, so not getting quality rest means you’re not getting that reset and may wake up anxious.
  • You’re looking at your phone - Lots of us have our alarms on our phones, so the first thing we see when we wake up is our phone with all the emails and reminders for the day. Seeing all that needs to be accomplished can be an overwhelming way to start the day.
  • You drank too much the night before - Hangover anxiety is real! As the alcohol leaves your system in the morning, the stress hormone cortisol and the adrenal system starts to reactivate to remove toxins and that can leave you feeling on edge, but the “hangxiety” will pass.
  • You’re a smoker - Nicotine withdrawal can cause morning anxiety, especially since symptoms of it can start while you’re still asleep.
  • You’re mortified about an awkward social interaction - Can’t stop thinking about an uncomfortable social situation from the day before, or an awkward moment with a coworker, a bad date, or something you posted online? Replaying that over and over in your head can definitely make you feel anxious.
  • Your diet - Late night eating and drinking habits can affect your sleep and that can lead to morning anxiety. Even if you’re not sipping lattes at nine p.m., drinking too much coffee or eating fatty foods first thing in the morning can make you feel jittery, too.
  • You’re thinking about the rest of the day or week - It’s easy to get overwhelmed and feel anxious when you’re lying in bed thinking about all the things you need to do this week or worse, the things that could go wrong. So just remember you go this and don’t let it defeat you.

Source: Hello Giggles

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