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Are you someone who just can’t get your mind to relax when it’s time to fall asleep? Well, according to a new study, you may have a better shot at actually getting some sleep if you make a to-do list before hitting the sack. 

A study out of Baylor University split 57 university students into two groups, with both groups asked to take five minutes before bed to make a list. One group was tasked with writing a list of all the things they had get done in the day or days ahead, while the other had to write a list of what they completed the previous day. Both groups were told to go to bed right after making their lists. 

Interestingly, the group who made the to-do list wound up falling asleep nine minutes faster than the other group. Researchers note that more testing needs to be done since this was such a small group, but it is believed that while some may think making the to-do list could trigger more worry, and keep people up, it actually may “offload” those concerns, resulting in less worry and a better shot at sleep.

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Most of us have a lip balm within arm’s reach at any given time, but is our quest for a hydrated smile doing more harm than good? Experts warn it actually could be.

Turns out, the more you use your lip balm, the more you need it. And the problem comes from the products which contain moisture-sucking ingredients, like menthol or phenol. Emma Hobson, education manager at the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica, explains certain balms don’t contain enough moisture for the “humectant to hold onto,” so they grab the extra moisture from the lips instead.

That leads to the perpetual cycle of dry lips, instant relief from lip balm, dry lips, and so on. To break the cycle, Hobson recommends going with a brand that contains SPF and has oils like avocado and ingredients like shea butter and cacao seed butter. These will keep your pout nice and plump and super soft, which is all we’re looking for in a lip balm.

Source: Whimn

Wish you could hear some of your favorite ‘90s jams performed live while you soak up some sun? Then the '90s-themed "Ship-Hop" Caribbean Cruise may just be your dream vacation. The Ship-Hop cruise on the Carnival Sensation ship sails to tropical Cozumel, Mexico with artists like Salt-n-Pepa, Naughty by Nature and Coolio onboard to sing your favorite songs from back in the day.

In addition to performances by those heavy hitters, the Ship-Hop cruise also has some hot theme nights, like “My So Called Prom,” which is bound to include glitter and lots of hairspray. And with Blackstreet and Color Me Baddperforming, the dance floor will be packed with everyone busting a move.

There’s also the “Rollin’ with the Jammies” slumber party, where you’ll need your coolest PJs but not a sleeping bag because this is another dance party. And this time, the best 90s tracks will be provided by Salt-n-Pepa’s DJ Spinderella.

But a ‘90s Ship-Hop cruise wouldn’t be complete without a white party. Diddy himself won’t be there to host, but the “White Night” event will still be impressive with all the guests keeping it fresh wearing head-to-toe white.

This nostalgic cruise also offers “T.G.I.F” night with classic TV shows from the decade and a ‘90s-themed workout, complete with lots of spandex. Unfortunately, the first Ship-Hop cruise set sail last week and is now underway from Miami to Cozumel, by way of Key West, so we’ll have to catch this ‘90s dream vacation on the next go round.

Source: Elite Daily

If you’re concerned about the long list of ingredients you can’t begin to pronounce on your kid’s shampoo and sunscreen bottles, you’re not alone. But thanks to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), we now know which products are safest to use on our little ones because these brands fully disclose all ingredients, don’t contain scary ingredients, and follow good manufacturing practices. Here are some items from their list of healthy cosmetic product for babies.

Baby Bubble Baths:

Baby Shampoos:

Baby Lotions:

Diaper Creams and Ointments:

Kid Toothpaste:

(See the full list of over 900 verified products here)

Source: PopSugar

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