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The past few weeks have been pretty cold in some parts of the country, and it turns out all that winter weather is affecting people’s moods, especially in the workplace. A new Accountemps poll finds that 38% of employees say winter weather negatively impacts their mood at work, with 26% saying January is the month where they are least happy. 

As you can imagine, there are some parts of the country where the winter weather is a bigger issue than others. The poll finds that overall, Pittsburgh is the city where workers are most likely to give winter a thumbs down, where Phoenix is the city most likely to give it a thumbs up.

Source: AccounTemps

There’s no doubt that some teachers have favorite students and treat them differently than others, but according to a new study it turns out students also treat teachers differently, depending on their gender. An Eastern Washington University study found that students are more likely to ask female professors for favors, like deadline extensions or grade increases, than they would male professors. 

The study looked data from both the teachers' and the students' point of view. One part looked at info from 88 surveyed professors and determined that female teachers got more favor requests than male teachers, possibly because they are friendlier with students, or appear more approachable. Meanwhile, the second part looked at data from 121 college students. They discovered that regardless of performance, if a student felt entitled to academic success they’d go to a female professor for extra favors, and wouldn’t take it well if they didn’t get it. Male professors were less likely to get asked for such favors, and students wouldn’t continue to nag them if they didn’t get it.

And while it may seem like a good thing that female teachers seem approachable, it turns out being asked for such favors can take an emotional toll on women. Researcher Amani El-Alayli adds, "Aside from contributing to burnout and taking time away from career-enhancing activities, greater demands and special requests from students may affect female professors' career advancement by causing them to get less favorable course evaluations or even more complaints filed against them.”

Source: New York Post

There’s a new wearable tracker that is so small it fits on your nail and it’s cleverly designed to look like a pop art nail design, so you’ll actually want to use it. La Roche-Posay’s UV Sense just launched at the 2018 Consumer Electronics show this week and can tell us all kinds of things about the environmental factors affecting our skin.

This tiny tracker is nine millimeters around, only two millimeters thick, and doesn’t even have to be charged or Bluetooth-wired to update you on the UV exposure, pollution, humidity, and allergen levels in your area. You can shower, swim, and workout while wearing it, and it will stay on for up to two weeks.

UV Sense uses the same technology that makes hotel key cards swipe and when your phone is nearby, its antenna grabs the data and sends it to the companion app. You can customize what it shows you and it even recommends lifestyle solutions or products to help with the things you’re exposed to.

It’s not available to the masses just yet, but some as-yet unannounced dermatologists offices across the country will be giving them away for free this summer. And if you think you don’t need a reminder about those things you should be doing but probably aren’t - like wearing sunscreen - keep in mind that the CDC reports over 76,000 people in the U.S. were diagnosed with skin cancer last year. So we could all use a reminder like this.

Source: Allure

Remember when we were kids and parents in their 30s seemed like real grownups? Somehow now that we’re 30-something parents ourselves it doesn’t feel as calm and controlled as they made it appear. These struggles are real, but only moms in their 30s will understand.

  • All of your favorite songs are on the oldies station - Nothing ages you faster than realizing you don’t know anyone performing at the GRAMMYs and your favorite songs are on easy listening and oldies radio.
  • Getting carded is cause for celebration - We ignore when the clerk says he has to ID everyone and cherish this moment.
  • Your favorite childhood toys are more popular than ever ... and they're terrible - My Little Ponies and Easy-Bake Ovens are still around and they’re not as cool as the ones we had growing up.
  • You have no idea where to shop for clothes - We feel like kids in stores like J.Jill, but the name Forever 21 is just a lie. Thank God for leggings!
  • Most of your social events include hyper preschoolers and goodie bags - These days going out to a party that starts at 10 means in the morning.
  • Hello, random aches and pains - Bending over and sleeping wrong can now leave us in a world of hurt.
  • You worry about pimples and wrinkles at the same time - We’ll take all the creams and serums, thanks very much.
  • You have zero bladder control - Maybe it was having kids that destroyed our bladders. Or maybe it’s all the coffee we drink because of the child-induced sleep deprivation.
  • Your kid's favorite foods might turn against you - You used to love Taco Tuesday too, but now it gives you heartburn in the middle of the night.
  • Younger moms will ask you for parenting advice - So don’t freak them out by telling them that you’re parenting by the seat of your pants, too.

Source: The Stir

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