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70% of parents say they gave their kids an allowance last year, with the average weekly amount being $8.74 a week, or $454 a year.  Kids are likely to save 43% of that money, which is better than the average adult, who tends to only save about 5.4% of their income. 

Top Ten Things Kids Save Their Money For

  1. Lego
  2. Phones
  3. Dolls
  4. Fidget Spinners
  5. Tablets
  6. Nintendo Switch
  7. Xbox
  8. Bikes
  9. Books
  10. Minecraft

Source: Yahoo Finance

When it comes to spending money in the new year, it seems as though a lot of people plan on prioritizing experiences over stuff. A new Expedia poll finds that 74% of all Americans would rather spend their money on experiences like travel, rather than buy products like clothes, electronics, jewelry, with Millennials particularly interested in experiences, with 65% currently saving money for travel.

As for where they plan to go, it seems social media is guiding their choices. In fact, 36% of those in Gen Z say they picked a travel destination after they saw it on social media, while 20% chose their hotel or destination just so they could get positive responses from followers on social media. 

And apparently those in Gen Z will go to great lengths just to travel. Overall, 71% say they’d get a part-time job just to save money for a trip, while 25% have traveled alone in the past year. Travel is so important to some that 11% of respondents actually say they’ve postponed a breakup because they had a trip planned with their partner.

Source: Expedia

If you want to make 2018 the year you find love, your time is coming this weekend. According to dating sites like Match.com and Plenty of Fish, Sunday, January 7th is going to be their busiest day of the year.

Match.com predicts a 42% spike in new users starting at 9 p.m. Sunday. And Plenty of Fish expects record signups on their site January 7th as well as a 14% increase in the average daily rate for conversations started on the site. That’s why Kate MacLean, a spokesperson for the dating site says that may make this Sunday, January 7th the best day of the year to find love online.

So what’s so special about this day? Well, it’s the first Sunday after the new year and Sundays are already a popular day for online dating. Plus, the beginning of a new year makes singles hopeful about the future, especially if they’ve just suffered through the holidays single, with relatives asking the old “why aren’t you in a relationship yet?” question over and over. So people are more motivated to look for love now, but the competition is fierce. Make sure your profile stands out and good luck.

Source: Moneyish

A lot of people will be looking for new jobs in 2018, and for many it’s likely because they are unhappy at their job. When most of your year is spent at the office, the last thing you want is to be unhappy there, because there's no doubt that will trickle down to other parts of your life.

So, how can you tell if you’re truly unhappy? Well, according to Fortune 500 adviser and happiness expert Annie McKee there are three signs that may indicate you are not liking your gig, and you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

They include: 

  • Physically – Certain habit changes could indicate you’re unhappy at your gig, like not sleeping enough, giving up exercise, eating too much or too little, or not stopping after one glass of wine after a day at work. These are all clues that something’s wrong, and while it may not be work burnout, it could be.
  • Emotionally – Have you suddenly become the pessimist in your group? Or do you feel down a lot, or get angry or frustrated quickly? These are all emotional cues that may indicate you’re not happy with your job. 
  • Relationally – If you’re unhappy at work, there’s a good chance you may bring your bad feelings home with you, which could affect your personal relationships. If you see your behavior changing at home towards your loved ones, it could be that you’re acting out because of your unhappiness at work. 

Source: CNBC 

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