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Now that we’ve all rung in the New Year, it’s likely that many of us have set the same goals with no clue on how to actually keep them.  According to data pulled from Google by iQuanti, here are the five most common New Years, resolutions, and some suggestions on how to stick to them:

  • Get Healthy – Experts suggest finding a friend with similar goals or a trainer to help keep you accountable. Also, try setting smaller goals that will eventually lead you to your larger goal.
  • Get Organized – Try pulling everything out from whatever area you are trying to organize, and when putting things away, put like items together, keep them in one location and label them. Also, try using all the same hangars in a closet, or all the same file folders in a drawer.
  • Live Life to the Fullest – Business coach Heidi Stevenssuggests having a clear idea on what that actually means, and it should be what you want, not what somebody wants from you. Also, write down your goals so they're clear and specific. She also suggests surrounding yourself with people who’ll encourage and support you to reach those goals.
  • Learn New Hobbies – If you want to learn a new hobby it’s important to pick the right one. Bustle suggests picking one that you enjoyed as a child, or something that keeps your mind off your day. You can also go back to a hobby you liked in the past, or find a hobby that may help you change something you want to change about yourself.
  • Spend Less, Save More – To achieve this goal, experts suggest trying to accomplish small things first. Like if you want to save money, try putting a small amount away first, and then increase the amount over time.

Source: Moneyish

Now that 2017 is officially over there are some words that folks have decided they are sick of hearing, and want to be put out to pasture, and we bet a lot of you will likely agree.

Northern Michigan's Lake Superior State University revealed their 43rd annual List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness, with President Trump’s favorite phrase “fake news” topping the list, landing 500 to 600 votes. And while the list isn’t super political, another Trump phrase, “covfefe” also made it.

Also making the non-binding list of 14 words or phrases includes:

  • unpack
  • impactful
  • nothingburger
  • tons
  • dish
  • drill down
  • let that sink in
  • pre-owned
  • onboarding/offboarding
  • gig economy
  • hot water heater

Source: Yahoo

Most of us start the new year filled with optimism and hope that this one will be better than the last. That’s why it’s so easy to make all those New Year’s resolutions that are so hard to keep. So this year, why not make it easy and just vow to help make the world a better place? Think that sounds too tough? Here are some simple ways you can make 2018 better.

  • Set up a monthly donation to a charity of your choice - Make giving to a cause you believe in super easy by signing up for a monthly auto debit to your favorite charity. Pick an amount you feel comfortable with and after you spend 10 minutes setting it up, you’ll be giving without having to think about it again.
  • Donate your clothes - Clear out some of the things you haven’t worn in a year and donate to your favorite thrift store. You’ll make room for the new clothes you’ll buy while doing something good for others.
  • Call that loved one you should call more often - Your mom, dad, or great Aunt Carol would love to hear from you, so commit to making that call regularly.
  • Think kind - This could include giving up your seat on a train, clearing out the office fridge, holding the door for a stranger, or just about anything else that would make someone else’s day.
  • Volunteer - Get out there and give your time to a group you want to support. There are all kinds of organizations that need your help and so do local schools and libraries. It won’t cost you anything but the time you’re willing to put in for them.

Source: MamaMia

We’ve all heard that drinking too much alcohol can destroy our bodies in lots of ways big and small. And the older we get, we feel some of those effects first hand in the form of a nasty hangover, but drinking in excess can also raise our risk for certain cancers, diabetes, and liver disease. Plus, boozing too much can bring bad moods, crazy sugar cravings, poor sleep, and foggy concentration.

But when we stop drinking, our bodies can bounce back at great speeds from the negative effects of alcohol. So if you’ve ever thought about giving up alcohol, here’s a timeline of how your body will recover once you finish that last glass of rosé, according to registered dietitian Jenny Champion.

  • An hour after you quit - Your body is in full-blown detox mode to clear the alcohol, your liver is working overtime and your pancreas starts making extra insulin, which brings on those intense carb cravings.
  • 12-24 hours after you quit - Your blood sugar normalizes, but it may take longer if you scarfed down some candy and junk food when those cravings hit. Give your body a hand by trading in the sugar and processed food for fruits and veggies on hangover day, and don’t forget to drink even more water.
  • 48 hours after you quit - Your body is getting past its biggest detox hurdle at this stage. You may still feel groggy, have a headache, and be tired, depending on how much you drank.
  • 72 hours after you quit - Those lingering hangover side effects are finally over and your carb cravings are subsiding. Champion says this is when “you finally feel back to yourself physically and mentally.”
  • A week after you quit - You’ll finally start sleeping more deeply, so you’ll have more physical and mental energy. Your skin will look dewier and more hydrated and your dandruff, eczema, and rosacea will start improving too.
  • A month after you quit - Your liver fat decreases by 15%, boosting its ability to filter toxins from your body. You’ll have less belly fat and the four-week mark is when you’ll see the most improvement in your skin.
  • Around a year after you quit - A year after you take your last drink, you’ll have a lot less belly fat, about 13 pounds on average. And your risk of mouth, liver, and breast cancer is lower. Plus, Champion points out that if you’ve been spending $30 at happy hour three times a week, after a year you will have saved close to $5,000. No wonder you’ll be feeling so good!

Source: Byrdie

Now that 2018 is here, lots of us want to start the new year with eating healthy and ditching our late-night snack sessions. So where do we begin? Here are a few changes to get you off on the right foot, from PureWow Food and Wellness Director Lindsay Champion.

  • Week 1: Load your pantry with essentials - Save on staples like beans, rice, and quinoa by buying in bulk. They have great deals at Amazon Prime Pantry and you won’t even have to head to the supermarket. Plus having healthy food on hand makes you less likely to give in to take out temptations.
  • Week 2: Try a food challenge - Whole 30 is good, but if a month is too long for you, do it for a week and take it from there. Get a buddy to do it with you so you can hold each other accountable and try new recipes together.
  • Week 3: Stay one step ahead of your cravings - You know you’ll want a treat, so have a healthy one ready when you do. Popsicles made with 100% fruit are a great choice when you want something sweet.
  • Week 4: Knowledge is power - Read every ingredient on food labels, pay attention to serving sizes, and if you can’t pronounce the ingredients, put it back on the shelf.

Source: PureWow

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