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A recent study finds that on average, Americans get at least one gift they don’t want during the holidays.  With people spending on average $49.95 on a gift, that’s $16-billion wasted on bad gifts, with 7% of people saying they knowingly give bad gifts.  For 46% of people, clothing and accessories are the most undesirable gifts, followed by cosmetics and fragrances and household items. 

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When you’re a kid, if you unwrap a boring present like socks on Christmas, you’re definitely disappointed. But once you’re a grown up, practical gifts are so appreciated. Lifestyle blogger @sophiemilner_fs tweeted, “You know you’re officially an adult when you ask your parents for a microwave and two umbrellas for Christmas,” and lots of people could relate.  According to Twitter users, if you asked for any of these presents for Christmas, you’re officially an adult now:

  • Copper pans, a vacuum, and an instant pot
  • A can opener and oven mitts
  • A Shark vacuum
  • An apple slicer
  • A crockpot and nice sheets
  • New windshield wipers and gas gift cards
  • An area rug
  • A paper shredder
  • A food steamer
  • An electric blanket
  • Satin pillowcases, a book, and a phone charger
  • New tires and getting a bill paid off
  • A month of student loan payments

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While we were enjoying all that festive fun with friends and family, many of us had a few too many this holiday. For some of us it was excessive Christmas cookie eating, for others it was too many spiked eggnogs, no matter what you overindulged in, your body could probably use a reset right about now. And here’s exactly how to do that, according to “Biggest Loser” trainer Jen Widerstrom:

Start with a reboot shot - First thing in the morning, mix up a shot of

  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
  • Ice

And drink at least 75 to 100 oz of water throughout the day.

Breakfast: protein kale smoothie - You need some green stuff to help get your body back on track fast and a protein-packed kale smoothie is a tasty way to get them.

Lunch: tuna salad wraps - No time to meal prep in the hectic post-holiday haze? This meal comes together in a flash and gives you all the nutrients you need to finish the day strong.

Dinner: DIY stir-fry - In less than 20 minutes you can whip up a tasty stir fry starring your preferred protein. You can’t even get dinner delivered that fast.

Snacks: protein & fats - Before you give in to those chips calling out to you, try a protein-filled snack with healthy fats like two eggs, half an avocado, a handful of nuts, or a cup of Greek yogurt. These will keep you full until your next meal and help your body reset from that extra holiday cheer.

Source: Shape

Some ladies are old women trapped in the bodies of 30-somethings. How can you tell? There are some unmistakable signs of early onset grandma-ness, like if your idea of a good time is snuggling up on the sofa to watch “Golden Girls” reruns after an early dinner. Here are some other indications you might be old before your time, aka a 30-something granny:

  • You don’t go out after 9pm - Not that you have to rush home to be in by nine, but of something starts after nine, you’re not leaving the house that late to go. And you can’t remember the last time you were out for last call.
  • You knit, crochet, or make other wearable handicrafts- This might make you a little bit of a grandma, but it also makes you talented. If you can make someone a hat or some mittens, that’s a good grandma skill to have.
  • You knowing the CBS primetime lineup - How else would you know when to catch Mark Harmon on NCIS?
  • You have “nice” sweats or PJs - If being all about comfort makes you a grandma, so be it. And if you have “going out” PJs and regular PJs, you’re a little bit of a grandma, too.
  • You drink tea when you’re not sick - Bonus grandma points if you have a favorite mug.
  • You have furniture no one can sit on - Even 30-something grandmas know that there’s sitting furniture and then there’s for-show furniture.
  • You have fancy china you never use - Just like the furniture, grandmas have some plates and flatware that is only for company.
  • You want to literally Netflix and chill - If your idea of a big night is sliding into your staying in pajamas, popping popcorn, and hanging out with your remote, you are a grandma. But it’s totally fine. We’re not old ladies yet, we just act like them. And waking up nice and early without a hangover feels pretty good.

Source: Scary Mommy

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