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Marist College’s annual poll of the most annoying words or phrases is out.  Topping the list for the ninth year in a row is “whatever.”

Other annoying words/phrases include:

  • “fake news” (23%)
  • “no offense” (20%)
  • “literally” (11%)
  • “you know what I mean” (10%)

Source: New York Daily News

People who are a hot mess are a little less put together and more flighty. And when the holiday season rolls around, when everything is supposed to be organized, pretty, and close to perfect, hot mess moms stand out even more in their imperfection. So here’s the hot mess mom’s guide to getting through the holidays, because we know you need all the help you can get right now.

Step 1: Vow that this year will be different - You’re not usually much of a planner, but this is the year you’re really going to try to be.

Step 2: Take down the Halloween decorations - Sure, it’s still technically fall, but only for a few more days and Christmas is less than a week away. It’s time.

Step 3: Put up your tree - And pick a good one because at this rate it’s going to be in your living room until Valentine’s Day.

Step 4: Plan an impressive dish for your work potluck - But when you forget to buy key ingredients needed, pick up grocery store cookies instead.

Step 5: Throw away Thanksgiving leftovers - Time to make room in the fridge for new holiday leftovers.

Step 6: Finally get your kids’ wish lists to your parents and in-laws - They’ve only been asking since November.

Step 7: Show up late to your child’s holiday concert - At least you make it on time to see the last song.

Step 8: Order everything on your shopping list from Amazon - Thank God for Prime!

Step 9: Immediately spill something on your nice, new holiday outfit - Every time!

Step 10: Vow that next year will be different - But accept that this is who you are - a hot mess.

Source: Romper

Parents already pay a lot for babysitting, but hiring someone to watch the kiddos on New Year’s Eve is even more expensive. According to babysitting website Urbansitter, the national average for a sitter is around $15 an hour for one kid. But come December 31, that price goes up, and that’s IF you can find a babysitter who’s available on New Year’s Eve.

Urbansitter says moms and dads of one child can expect to pay an average of $17.88 an hour for a New Year’s Eve sitter and if you have two or more kids, the cost jumps to about $20 an hour. But the babysitter’s hourly rate is only the beginning. Most sitters expect extras like free dinner, and transportation home in a Lyft or Uber.

And parents who want to make sure an experienced sitter chooses their family on a high-demand night like New Year’s Eve sometimes even throw in a $50 tip on top of it all. All that money and you haven’t paid for dinner, drinks, or anything else yet.

Source: Moneyish

A new survey finds that 27% of women find their eating habits getting less healthy within weeks of moving in with their man.  They blame their change in diet specifically on their men, saying it causes them to pack on the pounds. 40% of fellas say their significant other had a “positive impact” on their diet.

Source: The Daily Mail

There’s not much in this world that tastes as amazing as Nutella. The chocolate hazelnut spread is a delightful treat and now someone came up with the brilliant idea to turn that goodness into lipstick form and we’re all so grateful.

We can thank Beauty Bakerie for the creation, which they’re cleverly calling Nude-tella. It comes in four shades: Nudi-Tea, Skinny Dip, Birthday Suit, and Bake it Naked. The colors are creamy and matte and the best part? They actually smell like Nutella, so just take our money now.

You can get your hands on one of the waterproof, vegan, liquid Lip Whip Nude-tella sets for $60. And while you can’t eat these lip colors by the spoonful, it’s a much healthier way to get your nutty chocolate fix than sitting down with a tub of Nutella.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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