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According to the American Farm Bureau Federation a Thanksgiving meal for 10 should cost about $49.12 this year, which comes out to less than $5 a person, and is the lowest cost in five years.  The most expensive item will be the turkey at $1.40 a pound, or $22.38 for a 16-pound bird.  As for the rest of the cheap meal, it includes:

  • A 30-ounce can of pumpkin pie mix - $3.21 (an increase from last year)
  • A gallon of milk - $2.99 (a decrease from last year)
  • A one-pound veggie tray of celery and carrots -$0.74 (an increase from last year)
  • A dozen brown-and-serve rolls - $2.26 (a decrease from last year)
  • Two nine-inch pie shells - $2.45 (a decrease from last year)
  • One pound of green peas - $1.53 (a decrease from last year)
  • 12 ounces of fresh cranberries - $2.43(an increase from last year)
  • A half-pint of whipping cream - $2.08 (an increase from last year)
  • A 14-ounce package of cubed bread stuffing - $2.81(an increase from last year)
  • A three-pound bag of fresh sweet potatoes - $3.52 (a decrease from last year)
  • Miscellaneous items (butter, evaporated milk, onions, eggs, sugar and flour) - $2.72 (a decrease from last year)

Sure, those numbers seem low, but believe it or not, the group came up with their estimates based on information from 141 shoppers who checked grocery prices in 39 states.

Source: American Farm Bureau Federation

36% of Americans say talking politics is strictly off limits over Thanksgiving, which is up from 30% last year.  41% of people will be okay talking football, which is a decrease from 47% last year, likely because of all the politics surrounding it this year. Family is still the number one reason people give thanks over the holidays, although it is also the largest stressor.  One thing everyone can agree on is turkey, with 96% of homes serving turkey on Thanksgiving day.  And for those 77% serving pie, pumpkin is the most likely to be served (44%), followed by apple (29%) and pecan (19%).

Source: Yahoo Finance

According to the AAA, 50.9-million people will travel at least 50 miles from home Thanksgiving weekend, which is a 3.3% increase from last year, and the largest number of travelers since 2005.  89.3% of people will be driving to their Thanksgiving festivities, which translates to about 45.5-million Americans, up 3.2% from last year.  3.95-million people will be flying for Thanksgiving, up 5%, while 1.48-million people will be taking cruises, trains and busses, a increase of 1.1%.

Source: AAA

70% of workers say the thing they love most about holiday time in the office is “time off,” followed by getting a bonus (34%).  54% of people say the “holiday spirit in the workplace” is one of their favorite things about this time of year, while 41% like that they have “happier/more generous co-workers.”  33% of people say they look forward to the office holiday party, although, 90% would give it up to get a bonus or more vacation

Source: Yahoo Finance

In the last 12 months about 40% of workers have called in sick when they weren’t, which is up 5% from last year.  Overall, 30% called in sick because they had a doctor’s appointment while 23% did it just because they didn’t feel like going to work. Employers are sharing some of the craziest excuses they’ve ever received for calling in sick.  They include:

  • A bear was in employee's yard and they were afraid to come out.
  • Employee's phone exploded and it hurt their hand.
  • Employee ate a toothpick in his food at restaurant.
  • Employee broke his arm wrestling a female bodybuilder.
  • Employee called in "fat" because uniform didn't fit.
  • Dog swallowed employee's car keys so she was waiting until it came out.
  • Employee left his clothes at the laundry mat.
  • Employee did not have enough gas to get to work.
  • Employee had to re-schedule a new manicure because some of their artificial nails fell off.
  • Employee was not sure how the solar eclipse would affect them so it would be safer to stay at home. 

Source: BizJournals

It’s beyond frustrating when you just need to run into the grocery store to pick up one thing and find the lines winding back to the frozen foods section. Your quick trip turns into a half hour-long wait, just to get your one thing. But Google Maps wants to keep that from happening again with their latest feature.

Google Maps is now going to be able to tell us how long the line is at the Supermarket. And the best part about the new feature is that it’s rolling out before we have to do all that Thanksgiving shopping. So the app will be able to tell us how to get from point A to point B and how long we’ll wait once we get there.

They use crowd-sourced info to provide food traffic updates and an average wait time for checkout lines at the grocery store. It’s similar to the way Google has been using this data to figure out how long you’ll have to wait for a table at nearby restaurants. So thank you Google, for saving us time once again.

Source: Well and Good

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