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A new poll finds 80% of shoppers will do their holiday shopping using a mobile device.  46% of people say they’ll be doing that shopping while on the toilet, an increase of 24% from last year.  49% of people say they do their shopping in bed while next to their partner, while 42% of folks will be doing their holiday shopping in the office.

Source: New York Post

Buzzfeed just shared some hilarious examples of things that used to be beloved by many of us that younger generations just don’t get.  They include:

  • A kid saw a computer disk and asked someone if they “3D-printed the ‘Save’ Icon.”
  • A kid on the train asked a guy what a Gameboy was.
  • Someone’s little sister didn’t know what an iPod was.
  • At a children’s book fair there was a book called “Who Was Steve Irwin?,” and another had a book, “What were the Twin Towers?”
  • One woman was asked by the kid what the lever to roll down a window was for.
  • AXS TV was promoting a classic rock concert by Sum41.
  • A generation 4 iPod, a Nintendo 64 and an old desktop computer were all in museums.
  • One person’s little brother thought a VHS tape was a DVD.
  • Someone’s little cousin had never heard of *NSYNC.
  • One person’s brother didn’t know who the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was.

Click here to check out the hilarious visuals.

Source: Buzzfeed

By the end of the year, we’re all pumped to make our resolutions and start the next year free from our unhealthy habits. But then a few weeks into the new year and we’re overwhelmed and no longer motivated to be our best selves. So this year, let’s get ahead of New Year’s resolutions and kick those bad habits to the curb before the holiday season gets into full swing. Here are a couple of unhealthy practices we can ditch now to ring in 2018 happier and healthier than we are today.

Stop exercising to “fix” a certain part of your body - Are there parts of our body we’d like to change? Sure! But focusing on them while working out can turn the experience into something negative. We’re better off exercising to feel good than to have perfection be the goal.

Stop doing workouts you hate - There are only so many hours in a day, why spend any of them doing something you really despise? With all the workouts out there, don’t waste time doing one you dread because that’ll make you avoid working out and have a bad time when you do it. Focus on finding the classes or workouts that you’ll actually look forward to instead. There really is something you’ll enjoy, you just have to find it.

Stop negative self-talk - Beating yourself up and putting yourself down makes it harder for you to reach your healthy goals. So vow to be nicer and not so hard on yourself from now on.

Source: My Domaine

Losing weight isn’t as simple as the Internet would have us believe. There are no shortage of quick fixes out there, but there’s no one magic ingredient that’s going to make us lose weight. So when you’re trying to shed pounds, don’t fall for these myths that could actually set you back instead of helping you reach your goals.

Myth #1: Detox diets are good for your body. There’s no evidence that detox products like teas, juice cleanses, and restrictive diets actually remove toxins, like drugs or alcohol, from your body. And those detox cleanses that really restrict calories can actually slow your metabolism down. You’re better off drinking a lot of water, so one of your body’s natural filters - the kidneys - can flush out what you don’t need. And eating five servings a day of colorful fruits and veggies can help support functions of your other filter - your liver.

Myth # 2: All calories are created equal. It’s just not that simple. Some calories have been shown to help boost your metabolism - like the ones in high-fiber and protein-packed foods like broccoli and nuts. But eating 160 calories worth of chips won’t keep you full as long as 160 calories of almonds will, you need that fiber and protein to satiate you.

Myth # 3: Eating “clean” is always healthy. If you’re talking about clean eating where you only eat food you’ve prepped yourself and avoid eating processed foods, salt, and sugar, that’s not bad. But if you go on some really restrictive eating plan, where you’re constantly craving things you don’t allow yourself, it could lead to binging on the stuff you swore off and that’s no good. Like with many things, moderation really is key.

Myth #4: Cut all carbs to get lean. Cutting back on refined carbs, like cookies and chips is a good idea because those are “empty” carbs that don’t offer much nutritionally. But nutrient-dense carbs, like veggies and grains, leave you feeling satisfied and can help with gradual weight loss.

Myth #5: Going gluten-free is good for everyone. Gluten is really only an issue for the two percent of Americans who have celiac disease, a wheat allergy, or nonceliac gluten sensitivity. Giving up gluten without a professional diagnosis could lead to deficiencies in vitamins D, B12, and calcium.And remember, a gluten-free cookie is still a cookie and making healthy food choices is crucial for weight loss success.

Source: Women's Health

Bright, multicolored hair is in, and the inspiration for the shades people choose these days comes from all kinds of original places. We previously told you about cereal hair - looks inspired by the vibrant colors in the breakfast cereals of our youth, and the latest hair color trend is also food-related. This time the multicolored strands are based on everyone’s favorite sparkling water – LaCroix.

That’s right, LaCroix hair is happening – locks are being dyed to match the colors on their cans. Each flavor of sparkling water comes in a can that’s its own unique shade, along with some accent colors, making for fun palate. So if you’re favorite LaCroix is pamplemousse, you could get your hair colored to match in shades of peach, orange, pink and blue. More of a berry fan, then hot pink, blue, and teal hair would match perfectly.

The colors are so bold and everyone will flip when they find out your look is inspired by your favorite LaCroix can. So now you’ll just have to narrow down the ones you like best to wear on your locks. Will it be Key Lime? Or Peach-Pear? Maybe Tangerine? So many flavors to choose from. But you’d better book an appointment with your stylist to create this look.

Source: Hello Giggles

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