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While trick or treating is on most kids minds when it comes to Halloween, for others it's all about scares, but it seems ghosts and ghouls aren't what scares people about the holiday. In fact, according to a new survey, strangers ringing their doorbells is the thing that scares people most about Halloween (34%), followed by spending money (31%), movies (30%) and costumes (5%).

But being scared isn't something people only experience at Halloween. The truth is, a lot of people are scared all of the time, becuase of their finances. The same survey asked folks about their financial fears, and when it comes to personal finance, the majority of Americans are most likely to be scared by unplanned emergencies and having insufficient savings. Folks' biggest financial fears include:

  • Unplanned emergencies (26%)
  • Insufficient Savings (26%)
  • Job loss (20%)
  • Fraud (11%)
  • Poor credit (7%) 

And a lot of Americans are also really scared when it comes to their credit cards.  Their biggest fear is fraud, followed closely by those pesky raising interest rates and overspending.  Folks biggest credit card fears include:

  • Fraud (33%)
  • Interest Rates (31%)
  • Overspending (19%)
  • Losing the card (11%)
  • Fine print (9%)

Source: Wallethub

In case you haven’t been keeping track, Halloween is tomorrow. That means your little trick-or-treater needs a costume in just over 24 hours! So if you’re more of an eleventh-hour person or had a mishap with the outfit you already chose - say your little Queen of Hearts fell at her first Halloween gathering and tore her costume - here are a few creative last-minute kids’ costume ideas so good no one will know you procrastinated.

  • Lumberjack - Have a flannel shirt? Throw it on your kid with some jeans, a beanie, and hiking boots and you’ve got a lumberjack. Bonus: draw on a beard to complete the look.
  • Garth and Wayne from “Wayne’s World” - For Garth, you’ll need a plaid shirt, black pants or jeans, a white or gray t-shirt and a blonde wig. For Wayne, pretty much the same outfit, just add a black baseball cap and party on.
  • The twins from “The Shining” - If you have a couple of similar-looking little girls who want to be super creepy this year, put them in matching light blue dresses smeared in fake blood, white socks, and black shoes. So easy and so scary.
  • Deer - All you need is a white or brown dress, a fuzzy vest, brown shoes and socks and some deer makeup to turn your little girl into a little doe.
  • Scarecrow - Put your little one in some overalls or a denim shirt and jeans, add a hat or a flower crown and finish off the look with some scarecrow makeup.
  • Max from “Where the Wild Things Are” - Have some fuzzy footie pajamas or a white top and pants? Your kid can wear those with a crown to be the main character from this favorite children’s book.
  • Dancing twins emoji - Two girls, two black dresses, black shoes, and black bunny ears and you’re done.

Source: This Is Insider

Many schools are hosting panels and discussions about how to avoid offensive Halloween costumes.  A growing number of universities are participating in “Culture not a costume” poster campaigns, which aims to dissuade cultural appropriation.  Other schools are sending out emails about how to avoid being “culturally insensitive” with costumes.  No word on what the policies are at the University of Arkansas...

Source: Campus Reform 

The majority of employers are willing to negotiate salaries for entry level workers.  Typically employers offer a lower salary than they're willing to pay so there is room to negotiate.  26% of employers who offer a lower salary say their initial offer is $5,000 or more less than what they're willing to offer. 

Source: Washington’s Top News

We spend more time with our coworkers than anyone else during the workweek, so it’s always nice if everyone likes each other. We can’t change other people to make this happen, but we can get on our colleagues’ good side by doing a few of these things likeable people do at work.

  • Doing what you say and doing it when you say you’ll do it - When you slack, you affect your coworkers’ ability to get their work done. But if you’re reliable, you make their lives less stressful. So prove they can count on you and you’ll win their trust.
  • Taking an interest in your coworkers’ lives - Not in a nosy, busybody way, but genuinely caring about their personal lives. Asking how their kid’s recital or football game went can go a long way towards making you more likeable.
  • Putting others at ease - Master the art of making someone more comfortable when they’re feeling uneasy or self-conscious and they’re bound to like you more.
  • Letting someone else tell their story - It’s not all always about you. Don’t worry about interjecting your own thoughts, ideas, and stories all the time, focus on listening instead.
  • Not hogging the spotlight - When people help you along the way, it’s important to publicly acknowledge them and give credit where credit is due.
  • Remember names - It’s simple, but remembering names and using them in conversation is a great way to make people feel respected and listened to.


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