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A survey by the American Dental Association finds that 76% of dentists actually give out candy on the holiday.  Chocolate is considered the healthiest treat by dentists, because kids can wash it off their teeth easier than other treats and it slows down bacteria that can cause tooth decay.  The worst treats according to dentists include hard candy, gummy candy, caramels and sour candy.

Source: Today

Glassdoor looked at the base salaries people report as compared to the current market value for the same job job and determined that workers could be getting $7,500 more than they do per year on average.  The main reason folks aren’t getting paid what they are worth is because they don’t negotiate their salaries.

Top 10 Most Underpaid Jobs (potential salary growth)

  1. Emergency Medical Technician (21.9% or $7,771)
  2. Certified Nursing Assistant (21.3% or $6,505)
  3. Research Assistant (20.9% or $7,935)
  4. Java Developer (17.7% or $16,792)
  5. Pharmacist (16.5% or $23, 261)
  6. Web Designer (15.5% or $9,508)
  7. Software Engineer (15.2% or $17,943)
  8. Medical Assistant (15.1% or $5,320)
  9. Marketing Manager (15.0% or $14,107)
  10. Communications Manager (14.8% or $13,334)

Source: Moneyish

A new international survey finds that 65% of Millennials and those in Gen Z would rather communicate with people digitally than in person, and in the U.S. that number goes up to 73%.  61.8% of those surveyed say they’d rather leave their wallet at home than their phone, while 70.1% say their phone is within arm’s reach when they go to bed.  41.6% of these young folks think it’s okay to text during a family dinner, and 27.7% think it’s fine to text someone while having an in-person conversation.

Source: LivePerson

On average employees say they are bored at the office about 10.5 hours a week, which is more than a full day of work, and 65 days of the year.  40% of employees saying they’d quit a job if they were too bored with it.  While some pass the time checking the Internet, or chatting with co-workers, others have more creative ways to pass the time and are sharing.

Creative ways to fight boredom in the office include:

  • "Have rubber band battles with coworkers"
  • "Make grocery lists and cut coupons"
  • "Learn another language"
  • "Do crossword puzzles"
  • "Play ping pong"
  • "Doodle"
  • "Make videos"
  • "Pay bills"
  • "Watch TV or movies online"
  • "Work on the book I'm writing"
  • "Play online games"
  • "Daydream"
  • "Act like I'm interested in the work and meetings"
  • "Clean my desk"
  • "Ask for more work"
  • "Look for other jobs"

Source: OfficeTemps

Have you heard of “Swedish Death Cleaning?” It sounds a little scary, but it’s really just an organizational technique called “döstädning” (?!?) in Sweden. But we’re hearing about the concept here because of a book called “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death CleaningHow to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter.” Sounds great, right?

Swedish death cleaning was originally meant for folks over 50 as a way to start decluttering their life once they were “over the hill.” But really, it’s a whole approach to dealing with the stuff in your life. And here’s how you can Swedish death clean your life.

  • Clean out your closets - You should get rid of stuff you don’t wear on a regular basis, but to Swedish death clean your closet, pick through your old clothes each time you switch out your seasonal stuff.
  • Regift your stuff - We’re not suggesting you wrap up junk and try to pass it off as a present, but instead of buying something new for a hostess gift, why not give your friend that cool set of martini glasses you got that are still in the box?
  • Downsize your “memories” - We all like to keep a stash of memorabilia, but do you really need every single note your bestie wrote you in high school? If so, consider digitizing some of that paper so you have less clutter. You can also try limiting your mementos to one storage container. Sound hard to your sentimental self? Hey, no one said Swedish death cleaning was easy.
  • Turn it into a party - Invite your friends over to look through the stuff you’re planning to donate or toss and let them take anything they want. Or better yet - get them in on the Swedish death cleaning and have a group yard sale with all your unwanted clutter.
  • Get real about buying things - Be honest with yourself before you buy something new about how much you’re going to use, wear, or read it. You don’t want to restock clutter once you’ve cleared it.

Source: Hello Giggles

We appreciate a good cup of coffee, even if we haven’t graduated to the artisan locally-roasted beans for our daily at-home brew. So we scour the supermarket shelves in search of the best coffee they have to offer. And according to the foodies at Kitchn, they’ve found the best grocery store blend around.

They sampled 15 of the most readily available coffees found at supermarkets across the country and narrowed the field by only choosing dark roast beans, and pre-ground coffee for consistency. And after a taste-taste, the winner was: Green Mountain Coffee’s Organic Sumatran Reserve. Rounding out the top five were Caribou Coffee Dark Roast, Starbucks Dark Verona, and Peet’s Coffee French Roast.

"Surprisingly, the beans weren't very aromatic at all, but once brewed their flavor was deliciously complex,” the tasters explain. “It was earthy with fruity-cherry notes and a hint of vegetal greenness. The coffee was smooth and not bitter, with a bit of balancing acidity. It was so well-balanced, in fact, that we would happily drink it black."

Source: My Domaine

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