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Party City is selling an “Adult Wall Costume,” which is basically a pull over with bricks that says “The Wall.” It doesn’t actually mention that it’s referencing Donald Trump’s border wall to keep immigrants out of our country, but it’s still not sitting right with a lot of people.

Source: New York Post

Something called “Chinning” is the latest hot thing on Instagram, in which folks purposely share photos featuring their double chins.  The trend started with Michelle Liu, who created the account @chinventures which features tons of photos showing off her double chin and flared nostrils in front of a variety of beautiful backgrounds. Now more and more people are joining in, with the aim of getting people to take themselves less seriously on the site.

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With Halloween fast approaching a lot of people will be wanting to get their scare on. Lots of states have creepy haunted houses that will get you spooked, but some parts of the country have haunted spots that have existed for a long time that are bound to make you feel all creeped out. Well, Thrillist has come out with a list of the scariest places in each state and while I’ll be staying far away from them this Halloween, we bet there are a lot of people out there who’ll be dying, no pun intended to check them out. Click here for the complete list!

 Source: Thrillist

Taco Bell is testing out what they’re calling Crispy Dipping Burritos. They are basically small burritos deep friend and served with a variety of dipping sauces like nacho cheese, spicy ranch, sour cream, and guacamole. The beef and cheese filled burritos, which being compared to a tex-mex egg roll or a small chimichanga, are currently only available in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Hudson, Wisconsin...but we think they may show up in Northwest Arkansas soon!

Source: Thrillist

We hear more and more that what we eat can make a difference in our state of mind. Now there’s a whole emerging field called nutritional psychology that deals with the subject. Psychiatrist Wendy Wolfson believes in it and between seeing patients at two practices she’s created a snack bar called Mood Eats that claims it can boost your mood.

The bars are made with non-GMO, gluten-free ingredients and contain organic clover honey, sunflower oil, organic cashew butter, and maca powder, among other buzzy health foods. They have 12 grams of protein, six grams of fiber and less than 200 calories.

“I’ve always believed in the benefit of exercise and eating well in regard to mental health,” Wolfson explains. “I want my patients to understand that medication is just one tool in the tool box.”

But if you don’t want to shell out $3.95 a piece for a Mood Eats bar, there are plenty of other foods you can eat to help you feel happier: clams, walnuts, coffee, radishes, oysters, pomegranates, yogurt, and shiitake mushrooms all contain vitamins and elements that help the brain release chemicals like dopamine that can increase happiness, according to research.

And when you’re trying to eat your way to happy, a balanced, non-processed diet is key. Make sure you’re getting plenty of vitamins D, B12, and folate because a deficiency in those can have a negative effect on cognitive function and mood - the opposite of what you’re going for.

Source: Moneyish

In research no one wants to hear, a new study finds that women who dye their hair frequently could be at higher risk for developing breast cancer. Professor Kefah Mokbel, a breast cancer surgeon in London, analyzed studies which looked for a link between breast cancer and hair color and found a 14% increase of the disease in women who color their hair.

“Although further work is required to confirm our results, our findings suggest that exposure to hair dyes may contribute to breast cancer risk,” the study concludes. To lower the risk, Mokbel suggests cutting back to coloring hair only up to five times a year, and using natural products to color it.

This isn’t great news for those of us who aren’t walking around with the color hair mother nature gave us. Women who dash to the salon every four to six weeks to keep those roots touched-up won’t want to have to give up those lovely locks in order to avoid an increased risk of breast cancer, but this latest study isn’t the only one that’s come to this conclusion.

In a different study from Finland researchers also found that women who use hair dye were more likely to develop breast cancer, but they didn’t determine if the products were the direct cause of the disease. “It might be, for example, that women who use hair dyes also use other cosmetics more than women who report never using hair dyes,” study authors explain.

So maybe it’s time we start looking into those natural hair dyes, because looking good is not worth it if it’s costing you your health. Or we could always go with our natural hair color … but who wants to do that?

Source: New York Post

If you’re the type who enjoys a long, relaxing soak in the tub with a glass of wine, there’s always the issue of where to set your glass. You don’t want to risk setting it on the edge of the tub and having it slip off or having your sudsy arm accidentally knock it down. Having to clean up broken glass definitely takes away from that whole relaxing experience.

But now there’s a device made to fix this dilemma. Meet the SipCaddy, it’s basically a plastic cup holder with a suction cup attached, so you can stick it to the shower wall and have a convenient spot to set your Chardonnay while you bliss out in the tub. And if you’re more of a beer drinker, don’t worry, the SipCaddy holds those too.

This thing actually holds cups, cans, and shampoo bottles, too. The SipCaddy is supposed to withstand seven pounds of pressure, but it doesn’t work with porous surfaces, like Travertine. And they do recommend not using glass stemware in it, just in case it slips.

So if you’re down with sipping wine from plastic, this new $14 bathtub drink holder could be the key to worry-free soaks. You could bring a book and some snacks in there with you and have your own private peaceful oasis. At least until one of your kids pounds on the door so they can use the potty. You can find it on Amazon or at SipCaddy.com.

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When Erin Bennett hit her spending limit on a recent grocery run to Target, she asked the cashier to put back a couple things she had picked up for herself. The mom of four from Bristow, Virginia didn’t have room in her budget this week for a pumpkin-scented candle or the makeup she had grabbed.

But there was a man in line behind her who she had been chatting with and he immediately stepped up and asked if he could buy the three items for her. Bennett said she couldn’t let him do that, but the kind stranger insisted, saying she deserved something for herself. And the cashier grabbed his card and swiped it before she could say no again.

The thankful mama gave the generous gentleman a quick “squishy baby hug” while she was wearing her five-month-old in a baby carrier and thanked him for the candle and makeup. She later shared the story on Facebook, hoping to find the man and give him more recognition.

In her post, Bennett shares that she suffers from postpartum depression and that she uses scent to help boost her mood, so that candle he paid for was a huge help with that. And she opened up and how much his generosity means to her.

“You didn’t know that I always save my stuff for last and usually end up putting it back,” she writes. “You told me I deserved it when I started to tear up. “You Sir, are the good in the world. You made my day, probably my week, and I WILL pay it forward.”

Source: People

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