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A new study by Ohio State University finds that when both parents are off from work, the woman in the household still handles most domestic chores and childcare.  On average, women get about 46 to 49 minutes to relax and do nothing while their man handled chores, while men got about 100 minutes of downtime.  When women were actually pregnant men did do a bit more, spending only 47 minutes relaxing while their partner was pregnant, but that went up to 101 minutes three months after welcoming the child.

Source: The Daily Mail

A new survey finds that 46% of women say they struggle with some sort of size or fit issue when buying clothes, which affects what they wear.  Half of women say finding pants that fit in both their waist and their hips is their biggest issue and when they do find something that fits, 66% of them buy multiples of that item.  Hiding the belly is the top concern for most women (65%), followed by covering up their thighs (29%) and covering up their arms (27%).

Source: New York Post

Sitting at an office job from nine to five tends to make us feel really hungry. Well, maybe not so much hungry as just wanting to eat all the time. Maybe it’s boredom, maybe it’s all the tempting treats in the office break room, but whatever you call it, it leads to us eating lots of extra calories.

Just how many? According to a new survey from Dutch food brand Kallø, the average woman consumes a whopping 100,000 extra calories at work every year. So basically, we’re eating about 50 extra days’ worth of food a year. To put it a different way – that’s almost two months, ladies!

The survey finds that the average woman will eat 135 cookies, 90 pieces of cake, 90 bags of candy and 45 doughnuts a year. It might not seem like it when you’re innocently enjoying a slice of cake every other week for a coworker’s birthday, but all those treats really add up.

Fridays are the day women are the most relaxed about what they’re eating, followed by Monday. And hey, we’ve all been there - when you need a little pick-me-up to deal with the start of the work week. But maybe it’s time to stash some healthy snacks in our desk drawer, because 100,000 calories of work treats is way too many!

Source: Cosmopolitan

After a long day at work and an even longer commute, sometimes it’s all we can do to hang up our dry cleaning in the closet before we crash on the couch. And for a lot of us, that means we’re sticking those freshly cleaned garments in there with the plastic cover from the cleaners still on.

While we might consider that plastic cover protective, it’s actually not meant to stay on the clothes for long. See, those dry cleaning sheathes trap moisture and dry cleaning gasses, which can discolor your clothes while creating the ideal environment for mold and mildew.

The kind of flimsy plastic used for dry cleaning bags can also cause yellowing and staining because of BHT, which forms a yellow pigment when it comes into contact with moisture. So wearing the clothes on a humid day or after a quick steam could do it.

That means we should be taking the time to take those dry cleaner bags off before we put our clothes back in the closet. After we paid all that money to get the clothes cleaned, we don’t want to ruin them while we’re storing them.

Source: PureWow

A New York country near Buffalo has a new law that has parents facing possible jail time if their kid is caught bullying other minors.  Parents of such bullies could be fined $250 and serve 15 days in jail if a child under 18 is caught violating the law twice within 90 days.  In addition to bullying, the law also holds parents accountable if their kid is caught violating the city’s curfew.

Source: New York Daily News

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