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It takes discipline to become financially stable and a lot of that starts with taking a cold, hard look at your spending habits and making changes. We don’t like to admit it, but there are non-essentials we could cut back on to help reach our financial goals, like these:

  • Coffee - We’re really fond of our coffeeshop habit, but dropping your afternoon Bux fix could help you save hundreds and hundreds of dollars a year. So learn to make your own coffee the way you like it, get yourself a cute mug and take a walk when you need a post-lunch pick-me-up.
  • Gym memberships - If you use yours regularly to get your workout on, stick with it. But if you don’t, divide your monthly fee into the number of times you actually hit the gym to get your “per workout” expense. If it’s enough to make you faint, consider working out at home or taking up running - it’s free!
  • Work lunches - When “Treat yourself Friday” becomes “I was too busy Monday” and you’re spending $10 a day on lunch, making healthy lunches at home can help you save a lot. It takes discipline, remember?
  • Late fees - Not only do these add up quickly, they’re also not great for your credit. Pay anything you can on auto pay to help stop late fees and set up reminders on your phone so you can pay it on time. Some places will even let you change your due date to make it work better for your budget.
  • Drinking out - Meeting a friend for happy hour is fun, but those tabs will cost you. Stock your home bar and have your pals over instead and you’ll save so much money without missing out on bonding time.

Source: The Every Girl

According to a new report, 56 stores have already confirmed that they will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day, with that number expected to increase to about 75.  The biggest reason they are staying closed is to allow employees to be with their families on the holiday.  As for why most of them are staying closed, the biggest reason is to allow employees to be with their families on the holiday. Another reason is that  store traffic has been decreasing on not only Thanksgiving Day but on Black Friday as well. Click here to check out the full list of stores closing on Thanksgiving Day.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

We’re always looking for help streamlining our process for getting out the door faster with the kids and our sanity. Australian blogger Krechelle Carter is happy to offer up some pointers for us and she really knows what she’s talking about because she has six kids under the age of six and makes leaving the house with them seem so easy. Here’s her advice:

  • Forget the fancy diaper bag - She suggests tossing everything you’ll need into a plastic shopping bag: diapers, water, wipes, along with “Valium and love.”
  • Get their outfits ready the night before - No one has time to make decisions like this in the morning, so take care of it before bed.
  • Make breakfast easy - Carter says she feeds her kids “with no tops on, tops get dirty” when kids are eating. She feeds all six kids the same thing, because she says, “choices are not an option” when you’re in a hurry. Once the little ones eat, shirts go back on.
  • Keep shoes by the door - A pair there for everyone, so no one’s rushing around to find footwear as you’re walking out the door.
  • Make lunches the night before - Carter warns that if she has to explain this, she can’t even help us. This is basic - you have no time to do it in the morning and still be on time, so make lunches the night before.
  • Take showers the night before, too - Because nobody has time for that either.
  • Put kids in the car separately - This mom has six little ones to wrangle into carseats and she has learned that doing it one at a time while the others wait inside for her to return is better than having them all run in different directions while you’re trying to buckle.
  • Turn on the music and enjoy your coffee as you drive - This is when you get to pat yourself on the back for making it out the door on time with the kids. Congratulations, mama!

Source: Mamamia

ll couples fight at some point, but partners seem to argue more during the holidays - even Halloween. There’s a lot going on and things get hectic, which makes some folks feel stressed out and that can lead to conflict. The good news? Disagreeing is still totally a healthy, natural part of a relationship. And you’re not alone. These are some of the little fights other couples are probably having around Halloween as well.

  • Matching costumes or no matching costumes? - This might be the biggest fight couples have this time of year. Some are into dressing like Sandy and Danny from “Grease,” while others dread spending a night in any costume, especially matching ones.
  • Going out or staying in? - Halloween can be a lot of fun with all the kids out trick-or-treating and festive parties friends are throwing, but if your S.O. would rather stay home and watch TV while you celebrate the holiday out on the town, you may be in for a fight.
  • If you’ve agreed to Netflix and Chill, who gets to pick the movie? - Just like any other night, some couples just can’t agree on what to watch.
  • Whether or not you’ll entertain trick-or-treaters - If one of you loves seeing the neighborhood kiddos dressed up on Halloween, they’ll want to get lots of candy for the trick-or-treaters. But if the other partner would only be annoyed by the constantly ringing doorbell or is the unofficial sugar police, it gets a little tricky.
  • Someone drinking too much - A festive Halloween party can lead to overindulging, but your sweetie won’t want to hang out with Drunky McDrunkerson if you’re picking a fight about something that happened last summer. That could definitely lead to another fight.

Source: Hello Giggles

Over the past 25 years, the number of postcards sold each year has dropped from more than 20-million to just five or six-million.  Many think Millennials are to blame because instead of sending postcards from a destination they would rather take selfies and just post photos of their trip on Instagram and Facebook.  Of course, this isn’t the first time Millennials have been blamed for an industry dying. Other industries they’ve allegedly been killing include:

  • Diamond – Millennials are spending more money on experiences than luxury goods like fancy jewelry. 
  • Business cards – Apps which allow you to exchange information have taken the place of handing out business cards. 
  • Movies – Millennials are more likely to stay at home watching Netflix then to shell out money for a movie.
  • Soap – Millennials are saying no to bars of soap which they think are covered in germs, and instead use body wash and moisturizing products. 
  • Beer – Beer sales have been down a smidgen lately with younger folks now drinking more wine and spirits.

Source: New York Post

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