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A new survey has uncovered specific steps you could take if you want to get the best night's sleep possible:

  • Ensure your room is about 61 degrees
  • Put on clean bedding
  • Make sure the room is totally dark, painted white, and tidied
  • Read a few pages of a paper book (not an e-reader)
  • Sleep on your right side, with legs curled up
  • Don't cuddle up with your partner

Source: The Daily Mail

There’s a new face for CoverGirl and she’s been modeling longer than most of us have been alive. The cosmetic company has named Maye Musk as their new ambassador. And in addition to the modeling she’s been doing for the last five decades, she’s also a dietitian, a wellness speaker, and has two master’s degrees. Oh, yeah, and she’s absolutely beautiful.

Maye is the third new spokesperson added in the last few weeks and she joins other famous faces like Ayesha Curryand Zendaya representing the brand. Cover Girl is big on diversity, they previously signed a guy, James Charles, and had their first Muslim CoverGirl with Nura Afia last year. And now Maye helps them show beauty isn’t limited to young people.

"Who knew, after many years of admiring the gorgeous CoverGirl models, that I would be one at 69 years of age?" Maye writes on Instagram. "It just shows, never give up. Thank you CoverGirl, for including me in your tribe of diversity. Beauty truly is for women of all ages."


It’s almost sweater weather, the time of year when we get to be cozy and comfy, while still managing to be stylish. But sometimes, laundry mishaps lead to a favorite sweater shrinking down to a size that would fit a small child. Dryers can be so unkind! But you don’t have to toss that treasured chunky knit, you just need to follow these steps to unshrink a sweater.

  • Step 1: Fill the sink with lukewarm water and add around a tablespoon of hair conditioner or baby shampoo.
  • Step 2: Put your shrunken sweater in and let it soak for half an hour.
  • Step 3: Drain the sink and gently squeeze the excess water out of the sweater, without rinsing or twisting it. You can lightly press it against the side of the sink to get the water out.
  • Step 4: Lay a thick cotton towel on the floor and lay the sweater on top. Roll the towel, with the sweater inside, into a jelly roll shape to soak up the water.
  • Step 5: While it’s still damp, stretch it back into its original size - but be VERY gentle. Let it air dry and that’s it. If it’s super shrunken, gently stretch it out every 30 minutes while it’s drying.

So why does this work? It’s the conditioner that softens and relaxes the fibers in the material so they’re flexible enough to re-shape. Just learn from your mistakes and don’t do laundry before you’ve had coffee or after too many glasses of wine.

Source: PureWow

WalletHub set out to determine the most and least financial savvy states in America, analyzing all 50 states and the District of Columbia on 23 key factors:

The Ten Most Financial Savvy States

  1. Massachusetts
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Connecticut
  4. Minnesota
  5. New Jersey
  6. North Dakota
  7. Wisconsin
  8. California
  9. Rhode Island
  10. New York

The Ten Least Financial Savvy States

  1. Mississippi
  2. Arkansas
  3. New Mexico
  4. Oklahoma
  5. West Virginia
  6. Missouri
  7. Louisiana
  8. Georgia
  9. South Carolina
  10. Tennessee 

Source: WalletHub

You know those women who always look pulled together, no matter what they’re doing? When we see these stylish ladies, we always wonder what they’re doing that we’re not. And now we know, this is what polished women do to look perfect all the time.

They plan ahead - It turns out, the best way to always look pulled together is to plan your outfit and pack your purse the night before. That way you’re not rushing and running around trying to complete your look and grab what you need for the day and you have everything you need all ready to go.

They eat breakfast - Now that you’ll have extra time from not having to find your outfit in the morning, you have time to eat breakfast. Make it a healthy one, so you’re not binging on snacks by mid-morning.

They pack an emergency kit - Be ready for the inevitable with your small arsenal of necessities. You’ll want Band-aids for blisters, oil-blotting sheets, mints, safety pins, and such to help you look polished in a pinch. Toss that stuff in a small pouch and stick it in your bag for the next mini-emergency.

They reapply makeup at least once a day - We may get so busy we forget to look in the mirror sometimes, but ladies who always look good don’t. They take time to reapply lipstick, run a comb through their hair, and check their teeth. That’s why they look fabulous!

They stick to a pampering schedule - Maybe that includes weekly manis or just an at-home face mask, but they take time to do what it takes to keep them looking their best.

Source: The Zoe Report

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