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According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 39%% of HR managers say they spend less than a minute looking at a person’s resume, while 19% spend 30 seconds.  75% of HR managers say they’ve caught a lie on a resume.  HR managers have shared some of the most outrageous mistakes and lies they’ve caught on resumes.  They include:

  • An applicant claimed to have written computer code the hiring manager had actually written. Both had the same previous job, but the applicant did not know that fact.
  • Applicant included a picture with all of his pets.
  • Applicant said he worked for Microsoft but had no idea who Bill Gates was.
  • Applicant's resume was lifted from the Internet, did not match the cover letter.
  • Applicant said he studied under Nietzsche.
  • Applicant stated that he had tried and failed a certification exam three times, but was planning to try again.
  • Applicant claimed to be an anti-terrorist spy for the CIA at the same time period he was in elementary school.
  • Applicant falsely claimed to have a PMI credential when applying for a job at PMI (the organization that grants that credential).
  • Applicant included a description about his family.
  • Applicant mentioned that his hobby is to watch horror movies.

Source: CareerBuilder.com

A new survey finds that the average American parent feels 23 pangs of guilt every single week because of decisions they didn’t think were good enough.  75% of parents admit feeling pressure from friends, family and social media to be “perfect,” while 25% have had other parents question their decisions.  As for parents’ top sources of guilt, they include:

  1. Losing my temper
  2. Not playing enough with my children
  3. Not being home enough
  4. Letting my children have too much screen time
  5. When I don't feel like I'm being a good role model
  6. Not being able to take my children on more vacations or outings
  7. When I don't have time to make home-cooked meals
  8. Not reading enough to and with my children
  9. Letting my kids eat junk food
  10. Working too much

Source: Farm Rich

Mastercard launching a pop up store in Manhattan that will give folks the option to make purchases without ever leaving the fitting room.  Items brought into the fitting room will show up in a “smart” mirror, along with accessory suggestions, and all they have to do is tap the mirror to make a purchase.  The store will also allow folks to purchase displays in windows by just tapping the window!

Source: USA Today

We love scrolling through Facebook and Twitter, but sometimes enough is enough. Famous faces like Adele, Chrissy Teigen, and Justin Bieber have all taken breaks from social media platforms in the past and it might be time for you to do the same. How do you know if you’re spending too much time on social media? Here are some signs you and your phone need to take a break from it.

  • You’re making outlandish plans, just for the photo opp – If you start planning your excursion to Everest when your friend mentions she’s planning to climb Mount Kilimanjaro and you’ve never been on so much as a hike before, you might need a break.
  • Your followers know more about you than your S.O. does – When the people who subscribe to your feeds know more details about your life than the person you’re dating does, you should consider a social media break.
  • You won’t go anywhere without full hair and makeup– If you can’t run to the CVS because your social followers aren’t used to seeing you au naturel and you have to Snap everywhere you go, it’s time for a cleanse.
  • If you’re always on social media when you’re hanging out with your friends IRL – If you spend the whole time you’re out with your besties posting about it and everyone’s faces are buried in their phones, it’s time for a no-phone policy while hanging out.
  • You know what your ex’s new fling had for breakfast – If you’re hate-following your ex because you think it’s making you feel better, consider a social media blackout. It’ll really make you feel better. Out of sight, out of mind and all that.
  • You only talk to your friends in memes and GIFs – If you no longer use full sentences your brain comes up with to communicate to your pals, you probably need to detox from social media.

Source: The Zoe Report

If you get frequent headaches, before you reach for the Advil or Excedrin again, you might want to make a few small changes to your diet that can have a big impact. Everyone is a little different, but making these tweaks to your diet can help you avoid those pesky headaches naturally.

  • Cut down on alcohol - Having a few too many drinks can lead to a nasty hangover headache, but the sulfites in red wine, beer, whisky, scotch, and champagne can cause headaches from just a drink or two.
  • Boost your magnesium intake - Research has shown that low levels of this mineral are linked to increased migraines. So take a supplement or eat magnesium-rich foods, like pumpkin seeds, low-fat yogurt, black beans and avocado.
  • Get more omega-3s - A study found that eating more fish oil or olive oil helped reduce the frequency, duration, and severity of headaches in adolescents. So eating more fatty fish like salmon and mackerel or using more olive oil can help.
  • Eat more hydrating fruits and veggies - Even mild dehydration can cause headaches, so drink another glass and up your intake of watermelon, cucumber, and celery because they’re full of water.
  • Don’t skip meals - Not eating for a while causes your blood sugar to drop, which causes your body to release hormones to compensate. Those can raise blood pressure and narrow your arteries, leading to a headache.
  • Cut down on sodium - Foods with lots of sodium, like processed meats, pickles, chips and such can cause headaches.
  • Watch your caffeine intake - If you regularly drink a lot of caffeine and then cut back suddenly, the withdrawal can lead to headaches. On the flip side, if you drink more than about four cups a day that can lead to headaches as well.
  • Skip the takeout - We love to order in when we’re feeling lazy, too. But if you’re prone to migraines, the MSG in some of your favorite takeout dishes can trigger a headache.

Source: Bustle

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