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A new report by “Good Housekeeping” reveals that folks can burn an average of 600 calories doing two hours of intense household chores.  That’s almost twice as many calories as you burn doing a 5K run.  Window cleaning is where folks will get the most bang for their buck, with just 20 minutes burning 115 calories. Other chores that burn a lot of calories include:

  • Vacuum cleaning – 20 minutes, burns 86 calories
  • Bathroom cleaning – 20 minutes, burns 100 calories
  • Mopping – 20 minutes, burns 107 calories
  • Dusting – 40 minutes, burns 194 calories 

Source: The Daily Mail

A new CreditCards.com reports finds that Americans have spent over $100 billion on athletics this year, which includes tickets to sporting events, athletic equipment and gym memberships.  79 million people spent $56 billion in the last year on tickets to sporting events, as well as, transportation and food and beverage. Americans have spent more than $33 billion on athletic equipment in the last year, while 54 million people have spent about $19 billion on gym memberships.

Source: Yahoo Finance

College Factual has just come out with their list of the Top Ten schools in the country. They evaluated more than 1,300 four-year colleges and universities, based on a variety of factors including quality, value and more.  For what it's worth, the University of Arkansas ranked #501...

College Factual’s Best Colleges Of 2018

  1. Yale University
  2. Harvard University
  3. Princeton University
  4. Duke University
  5. University of Pennsylvania
  6. Cornell University
  7. Stamford University
  8. MIT
  9. Dartmouth College
  10. Notre Dame

Source: USA Today

No woman really likes getting wrinkles and many will spend lots of money buying fancy wrinkle creams and face soaps in the hopes they will prevent them from looking older. But it turns out you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to keep your skin looking younger, and some women are sharing their secrets on how to do it.

A new thread on the Mumset site has women revealing their anti-aging beauty secrets, and a lot of them are pretty simple. More than 100 women have contributed to the post after a 27-year-old voiced their concern about wrinkles and for most posters the answer is simple – wash your face with warm water, and don’t use too much makeup.

Answers varied from women who rarely use soap to wash their face, while others say exercising regularly and drinking lots of water helps. One woman acknowledged she was lucky because she has “good genes,” but also that she doesn’t smoke and uses “real sunscreen.” In fact, sunscreen was a response many women gave, with one woman in her 50s chalking up her good skin to never having a “lie in the sun” and always wearing sunblock “even in winter.”

Source: The Daily Mail

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