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A study finds that most of the men who admit to having an affair behind their partner’s back are over five-foot-10 inches tall.  Those tall guys are twice as likely to cheat than a shorter man.  Speculation is it could be because shorter guys have what some call “small man syndrome” which means they lack the confidence with women that taller guys have.

Source: New York Post

42% of students are worried about choosing the wrong job after college and missing out on other opportunities when they graduate, while 39% are worried about not learning quickly enough on the job and making mistakes.  CFOs have revealed the most common mistakes workers, and not only new ones, make on the job.

Top Ten Common Mistakes By Employees

  1. Consistently coming in late
  2. Not showing up for work at all
  3. Not following company policies
  4. Making errors in their work
  5. Not asking for help
  6. Being rude to customers
  7. Not paying attention to detail
  8. Sharing office-related information on social media
  9. Spending too much time on personal devices
  10. Not living up to claimed qualifications

Source: Robert Half

According to a new survey, 89% of Americans say the condition of a workplace bathroom is a good indicator of how a company values its employees.  Overall, 67% of employees say their office restrooms are excellent or very good. The biggest complaints of nearly half those surveyed include unpleasant smells, clogged or unflushed toilets and empty or jammed toilet paper dispensers.

Source: Yahoo Finance

A new survey by the AARP finds that 47% of people 18 to 39 think it’s “normal to be depressed when you are old.”  In reality only 10% of those 60 and over think old age is a “depressing stage of life.”  67% of those 60 and over say they are “satisfied or “very satisfied” with life, while only 61% of those 18 to 39 and 60% of those 40 to 59 say the same.

Source: AARP

Everyone has a rough day from time to time and most of us just put on a happy face and stuff our feelings down. But a new study shows that just letting yourself be in a bad mood can be better for you in the long run.

Researchers from the University of California Berkeley looked at the link between psychological health and accepting your emotions in 1,300 adults in three separate studies. And it turns out, folks who fought their negative emotions ended up feeling more stressed than those who just embraced feeling down.

"We found that people who habitually accept their negative emotions experience fewer negative emotions,” explains study senior author Iris Mauss, “which adds up to better psychological health."

At this point, researchers can only speculate on why accepting your lousy mood can help it. But Mauss says maybe if you have an accepting attitude about negative feelings, you’re not giving them as much attention, and if you’re always judging your emotions, that negativity adds up. So take the good with the bad and feel all the feels. And if you want wine or chocolate to help you deal, have them – it’s all for your health.

Source: Whimn

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