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The Hater app has just come out with a list of the most hated foods in each state.  The site analyzed data from 600,000 users to determine the foods which states hate the most.  In Arkansas, it's cilantro.  Oklahoma hates veggie burgers and Missouri hates the last bite of a hot dog!  Click here to find out what food your home state hates the most.

Source: The Huffington Post

According to a new Baskin Robbins survey, how you eat your ice cream says a lot about you, with folks with certain preferences falling into different categories.

Categories include:

  • The Optimist – The survey finds that folks who enjoy their ice cream in a cone (about 26% of respondents) are idealists. Sugar cone fans are known to be the life of a party, while waffle cone eaters are nurturing caregivers who usually host the party. Favorite Flavors - Cookies 'n Cream and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.
  • The Realist – Folks who enjoy their ice cream in a bowl or cup fall into this category (more than 37% of those polled), and are considered hard working and rational thinkers. Favorite Flavor- Chocolate.
  • The Eccentric – Fans of the layered ice cream cookie sandwich (6%) fall in this category, and they tend to be full of contradictions, with tendencies to be both introverted and extroverted. Favorite Flavor – Cookies ‘n Cream.
  • The Ambitious – Ice cream sundae lovers (11%) fall into this category, and are considered passionate and loyal. Favorite Flavors – Vanilla and Chocolate
  • The Practical- - These folks eat their ice cream out of a carton (18%) and tend to be resourceful, dependent and strong leaders. Favorite Flavors - Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • The Free Spirit – Folks who enjoy a good milkshake (10%) fall into this category, and are young at heart, fearless, athletic.

Source: Baskin Robbins

M&Ms have come up with some pretty great new flavors in recent years and now they adding another one to store shelves, and this one seems perfectly times for the upcoming Halloween candy season (okay it's a little early but it'll be here before you know it). The candy giant has just launched what they are calling their “Cookies & Scream” M&Ms, which sounds an awful lot like an Oreo, featuring a speckled dark chocolate shell and white chocolate filling. Cookies & Scream M&Ms are already on sale at Target, and they aren’t the only M&M flavor inspired by fall. The company already introduced a pumpkin pie flavored M&Ms, which are on sale at Walmart.

Source: People


If you’re having a hard time hitting the gym every day, don’t worry. According to one study, you can cram all your sweat sessions in during the weekend and get the same benefit as those who workout more often.

Researchers looked at over 60,000 adults and found that the weekend-only warriors got almost the same results as those who worked out for the same amount of time spread out over the whole week. Sounds amazing right, being lazy all week and only working out two days to see the same results?

The thing is, you have to do the whole weekly recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate activity and 75 minutes of vigorous activity - you just need to cram it all in over the weekend. Not sure what the difference is in moderate and vigorous exercise? A good rule of thumb is you can have a conversation during moderate exercise but during vigorous exercise, it’s too hard to talk.

The study found that people who did weekend-only workouts had a 30% lower risk of death than inactive folks and those who workout all week long had a 35% lower risk of death than inactive people. And both groups lowered the risk of cardiovascular death by 40%. So if you want to skip spin class all week, just plan to sweat it out more Saturday and Sunday and you’ll still be good to go.

Source: Whimn

Thanks to the Internet, we discover all kinds of beauty tips and tricks. And we love getting good insider information. But for all the helpful hints we learn online, there are plenty of hacks that just don’t live up to the hype, like this skin-firming one that’s just too good to be true.

A makeup artist who goes by @mercedesbenssz on Instagram recently posted a video of her using two empty water bottles like suction cups, which she says help firm your skin. She squeezes the bottles to stick them to her face, then moves them in an upward motion.

“How to tighten your skin and have clear skin.” she writes in the caption. “Squeezing empty water bottles and moving upward motion to keep blood flow circulating to tone and firm the skin.”

Hey, it sounds legit and we’re all for a way to firm skin without paying for expensive devices or treatments. The only problem? It doesn’t actually work, according to dermatologist Ted Lain. He explains that she’s trying to do a “lymphatic massage” but isn’t successful.

Dr. Lain says the lymph system is the “body’s secondary waste system, and excess lymphatic fluid accumulation can cause swelling, especially of the cheeks and lower eyelids.” But this kind of massage isn’t effective or proven to firm skin. For that kind of firming, we need to boost collagen and elastin, which takes skin products with retinol, microneedling treatments, or laser resurfacing. So don’t waste your time with this DIY water bottle hack.

Source: The Stir

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