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She Still Volunteers Helping Seniors At 104

Every Tuesday, Eleanore Rubinstein’s daughter drives her to Store to Doora nonprofit in Portland, Oregon that provides a personal shopping service for housebound seniors who live alone. She’s 104, but she still loves her volunteer work helping other elderly folks.

Rubinstein calls the agency’s clients to get their shopping list for the week, but she also spends time chatting with them, never rushing the call because she knows it might be the only contact the person has for days. She hasn’t ever met one of the clients, but she still considers them her friends because they talk so often.

"All my life, I've lived by the Golden Rule," she says. "Honey, I get more out of this than I give.”

Source: Oregon Live

Dogs Save Toddlers From Poisonous Snakes

A Florida woman’s pet dogs protected her grandchildren from a venomous snake in her yard. Melissa Butt was outside with her nine-month-old puppy, Paco and her three-year-old dog, Slayer, along with her grandkids, Mallory, one, and Zayden, three. Butt had no idea the snake was there until the puppy started barking at it.

The grandma was able to get the toddlers out of danger, but both dogs were bitten by the snake, which turned out to be a copperhead, as they protected the kids. The pups were treated at the vet and are both doing just fine now.

Butt is extremely thankful her dogs were there to protect the little ones and says Slayer lived up to his name. “That’s what he does,” she explains. “He will put himself in front whenever he thinks the family is in danger.”

Source: Inside Edition

Woman Finds Lost Engagement Ring In Garden 13 Years Later

Back in September of 2004, Mary Grams, an 84-year-old woman from Alberta, Canada, lost her engagement ring while she was working in her yard. She spent weeks searching for it, but finally gave up and replaced it with another one.

It’s been 13 years now and her ring has finally been returned. Mary’s son Brian and his wife now live on the property and they found it while gardening recently. Mary’s daughter-in-law pulled a carrot out of the dirt and there was the ring, with the carrot growing right through it.

Now Mary isn’t going to take any chances with her treasured ring. “Anything I do outside,” she says, “I’m going to take it off and it’s going to stay.”

Source: People


50% of people admit they have worn

THIS on their head at one point in their lifetime.

DAWN'S HINT --  IF you are one of the 50%,

You probably wore these in Theme Parks

in Anaheim CA or Orlando Florida.

The Answer: Mickey Mouse Ears.

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