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Neighbors Help Family Escape Double House Fire In Texas

As Kevin Hayes pulled into his West Bexar County, Texas neighborhood, he saw black smoke and flames coming from a neighbor’s house, so he jumped out of his car and ran to help. He knocked on the door where the fire started, alerting resident Nakenya Portela-Bailey, so she and her three kids and two dogs could get out safely.

Once that family was out of danger, Hayes and another neighbor, Julian Felán, rushed to Sylvia and Eliseo Farias’home where the fire had spread, to make sure they were okay. Eliseo answered the video doorbell from a remote location and asked them to grab his dog from the house. Thankfully, Felan is a former firefighter, so he knew how to break down the door and the two men ran through the smoke, found the dog and brought him outside.

Firefighters arrived shortly after that to put out the flames, but everyone was out of danger by then, thanks to their alert and brave neighbors. While others call them heroes, Hayes downplays his efforts. “I don’t think I should be considered a hero,” he says, “I’m just a concerned citizen.”

Source: My San Antonio

Soldier Saves Autistic Teen From Drowning

A Sunday afternoon family swim in the Red River in Clarksville, Tennessee took a scary turn when a fallen tree created a strong current. Martie Weeks was floating in the water with her three sons and some friends when her 17-year-old autistic son, Ronnie Harris was knocked over and unable to get his head above water.

Weeks was struggling to get to her son to help him, but she couldn’t reach him. Luckily, U.S. Army staff sergeant Timothy Hansen saw Harris go under and dove in to save him. The soldier got him to dry land and did chest compressions until the teen spit water out and could breathe again.

Hansen’s heroic actions gave the relieved mother a “renewed sense of humanity.” Weeks says others nearby who saw the scene unfold recorded it on their phones, but did nothing to help. So to her family, Hansen is “definitely our hero.”

"That's not an easy title to earn," says Hansen. "I'm just glad I could help."

Source: Fox News

Officer Rescues Drowning Toddler While On Vacation

A New Jersey police sergeant was enjoying a well-deserved vacation at Clearwater Beach, Florida when his expert skills were needed. Morris Township Police Sgt. Sean O’Hare rushed over to help a two-year-old child who almost drowned in a hotel pool.

O’Hare initiated CPR on the toddler, who had been pulled from the water. Thankfully, he was able to resuscitate the little boy, and his mother reports that he’s now out of the hospital and back to his happy self.

The Morris Township Police department called O’Hare a “true hero” for his actions, but the vacationing officer is modest about the incident. “That’s the reason you take the job,” he says, “To help people.”

Source: ABC Action News


Almost 60% of us say THIS

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Answer: Forget where we parked it.

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