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If you feel like you spend way too much time taming your tresses, that’s probably because you do. According to a new survey, when you add up all the salon visits, hair drying, and time spent with a flat iron in hand, women in the U.S. spend an average of six full days a year doing our hair!

Beauty retailer Lookfantastic asked 2,000 women in America all about their hair habits and it turns out we dedicate many, many hours to doing our dos. We love a good blow out as much as the next gal, but all this styling and fixing is more time consuming than we realize.

Here’s what we’re doing with those six days a year we spend styling our strands:

  • Washing and drying - Nearly half (49%) of women wash and dry their hair every single day and that takes a whole lot of time when you add it all up. Get this - according to the survey, women spend an average of an hour and a half blow drying their hair every week! Time to let dry shampoo and air-drying save us time.
  • Styling - The survey finds that women spend an average of five hours a month styling our strands. Think of all the things you could do with an extra five hours a month: sleep, yoga classes, meeting up with friends, so many possibilities if we just put the flat iron down.
  • Coloring - Lots of us color our hair, 89% according to the survey and 40% say they get regular highlights to achieve that sun-kissed shade. So lots of us are spending lots of time in foils to get the color we wish we were born with.

Source: Shape

If you dread spin class more than anything but keep going back because it burns body fat, we have some great news for you. According to a personal trainer to the stars, walking may burn more body fat than high-intensity cardio!

Our new favorite celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak - who works on famous bodies like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga - says that the best way to burn fat stores is by walking. Not running. Not high-intensity interval training. Just walking. And we’re all about that!

Pasternak says high-intensity cardio burns more calories a minute than walking does, but a higher percentage of those calories come from non-fat sources. But low-intensity cardio - like prolonged walking - goes right to fat stores for energy to burn. And we aren’t scientists, but that sounds totally legit to us!

The fitness guru’s theory comes from studying the exercise and food habits of the healthiest countries in the world and comparing them to the U.S. Here, we only walk about 4,100 steps a day, but they’re walking over 10,000 steps a day in the healthiest countries. So to see results, we need to aim for between 10,000 and 14,000 daily steps.

But don’t tear up your gym membership card just yet. More intense exercise is good for more than burning fat. Moderate- to high-intensity workouts can raise metabolic rates, explains Jaclyn London, Nutrition Director at “Good Housekeeping.” And she reminds us that the best workout is the one you’ll keep doing regularly. So if that’s running, keep doing that. But we’re happy to walk our way to fat burning over here!

Source: Scary Mommy

We use our smartphones so often they’re practically a part of us now. But as much as we depend on them and can’t imagine not always having them within our reach, it’s healthy to ditch the phone from time to time.

And if the idea of being separated from your smartphone makes you feel anxious, that’s a sign you really do need to do it. You might not remember life before having this tool in your daily life, but it is possible to get by without this device. Sure, it’s there to help you, but you can get by without it. Here are some ways to help you feel more comfortable without being connected for a day.

  • Get a watch - Some folks use the excuse that they need their phone to tell the time, but watches are still a thing. Get a cute one and wear it instead of checking your phone dozens of times a day- problem solved.
  • Spend face-to-face time with those you want to stay connected to - Our phones keep us connected, but they’re not the only lifeline we have to people we care about. Go see your loved ones and talk to them in person. Hang out in real life and catch up, and do it without scrolling through Instagram for once.
  • Uninstall social media apps - Just try it for a little while and you’ll see how much time you’re really spending on Facebook and Twitter. We’re so used to checking these feeds, we do it without even thinking about it, so taking a break can help break the habit.
  • Make a to-do list and write it on paper - This will help you get stuff done and keep you focused on what’s important without leading you to the temptation of scrolling through Pinterest to pass the time.
  • Ask yourself if having your phone is actually that important - You might need to call someone when you’re out and about, but you could probably wait to reach out later. Way back when no one had mobile phones, we managed to wait until we got home or found a pay phone to contact someone. And we managed to make it through just fine!

Source: Elite Daily

We all know how important it is to get enough restful and restorative sleep, but for some people it doesn’t come easy. And for those with insomnia or other sleep issues, anything that claims to help you drift off to dreamland is worth checking out. So we’re sharing this surprising sleep aid that some beauty junkies on Reddit swear by - a body lotion.

It’s not just any body lotion, this one’s called Sleepy and you can pick it up at your local Lush store for just $4.95. So what’s so amazing about this sleepy lotion? The Redditors claim it helps them fall asleep fast and even eases anxiety. One user says Sleepy has even helped her cope with the chronic pain and insomnia her chronic illness causes.

So how does this stuff work its magic? Sleepy is made with lavender, which has been clinically shown to significantly reduce anxiety and pain. And it also has cocoa butter and almond oil to soften your skin while you snooze. And it must really be good because it’s currently out of stock on the Lush website.

We don’t know if this Sleepy lotion will work as well as Ambien to help you doze off, but it’ll definitely soothe your skin and leave you smelling better. Now we just need to get our hands on some...which will be difficult, since there's no Lush location in Northwest Arkansas, and they're sold out online.  Amazon doesn't have it either, but there's always eBay...for now, anyway.

Source: Byrdie

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