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Anyone who’s worked in an office will likely tell you they have co-workers who love to throw around annoying office jargon and clichés on the job, but what those cliches are will probably depend on what state you live in.  A company called Textio has scanned job advertisements in each state and has come up with a map revealing the most common office jargon used in each state, and some of them may surprise you.  Click here for the entire map.

Source: The Daily Mail

New research finds that folks who get less than seven hours of sleep each night are at a higher risk of being obese.  Researchers found that the waist measurements of those who slept only six hours on average were three centimeters more than those who got nine hours of shut-eye a night.  The study found no link between less sleep and a poor diet, by the way...

Source: Study Finds

Summer is still in full swing, but deals on this season’s merchandise are heating up in August. Here are some of the best shopping deals you can score this month.

  • Patio equipment - While you still have a month or two to enjoy the al fresco weather, retailers are already clearing room for fall merchandise. That means you can save big on outdoor furniture - sometimes as much as half off - at stores like Target and Macy’s.
  • Laptops - Back-to-school shopping includes savings on a new computer. Laptop prices drop by as much as 25% in August to make them more affordable for students. Check Best Buy for deals because they also offer price matching.
  • Lawn mowers - Stores know your days of cutting the grass are numbered and winter is coming, so they’re offering as much as 15 to 20% off a new mower.
  • Swimsuits, sunhats, and espadrilles - Summer wardrobe staples like these are clogging up retailers’ racks, so shopping for bathing suits, shorts, and tanks now will score you deals as much as 60% off.
  • Backpacks - This is THE time of year to buy one and the best way to learn about the discounts first is to follow your favorite brands on social media, where they announce savings first.
  • Tomatoes - Hit up the farmer’s market for the best deals of the season on tomatoes.

Source: PureWow

According to a new study, what you do for a living affects the likelihood of your relationship ending. Career site Zippia did the research on how much people’s occupations contributed to their decision to divorce and used data from the U.S. Census Bureau to find out the careers with the highest and lowest divorce rates.

Researchers reviewed divorce rates for individual positions at age 30 and found the worst job for a marriage is in the military a First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisor, which has a 30% divorce rate. Click the link for the full list, but take this all with a grain of salt because all marriages are different, so even if you have one of the “worst” jobs, your marriage can still be rock solid.

Source: Good Housekeeping

According to popular food blogger Markie Devo, Oreo is set to introduce limited-edition Cookie Butter Oreos on September 18th.  The Oreos may have either cinnamon or graham flavored cookies, filled with cookie butter flavored cream.  Oreo hasn’t confirmed the news, and in the past someone did post a fake mock up of the very same flavor which turned out not to be true.

Source: Elite Daily

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