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A lot of us keep a stockpile of snacks at work or home and now thanks to the Internet, we can peek into other people’s private stashes. People are sharing photos of their own snack stashes on Twitter. And as strange as it might seem, being a bit of a voyeur into people’s snack habits is really pretty interesting.

Scrolling through pics of people’s snacks tells us a lot about them and lets us see how our own stash stacks up. There are drawers full of candy, for those #treatyoself moments. And plenty of healthy eating inspiration from those packing their #snackdrawer full of almond butter, nuts, and green tea. Some are even #whole30 and #paleo-approved!

No matter your own personal snack stash style, there’s probably a photo of a similar one on Twitter. From those who stock only one thing - like a whole drawer full of nothing but dozens of Nutri Grain bars, to perfectly organized drawers where everything is lined up so neatly it’ll calm your inner OCD. Or at least give you something to look at while you’re having a snack break.

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We’re only human, so we like a lot of things that are bad for us - like loser boyfriends, wine, and sugar. And we sure do eat a lot of the sweet stuff. Americans consume nearly 32 teaspoons of sugar a day on average, which isn’t good for anyone. Need proof? Here are some of the things that happen when you eat too much sugar.

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This news won’t surprise any parents, but there’s a new report out that confirms childcare is still super expensive for the average American family. According to this year’s edition of the report from The Center for American Progress - an independent, nonpartisan policy institute - the average cost of “center-based childcare” in the U.S. is close to 30% of the median family’s income!

So parents are spending almost a third of the money they make on their kids’ care. That’s not even including extras like sports, and lessons, or saving for college funds.

The report finds the most expensive childcare is in Washington D.C., where the average cost for an infant and a four-year-old is $40,521 - which is 51% of the median income for families with kids. And the most affordable state? Louisiana wins, the average cost there for an infant and a four-year-old is only $10,674 or 20% of the median income of families with children.

Families in 24 states are paying 30% or more of their income for childcare and only two states - Louisiana and South Dakota - does childcare cost account for less than 20 % of the family income. No wonder so many families struggle to make ends meet!

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When you don’t want to spend the big bucks on high-end makeup, you can get a good deal on a more affordable brand at the drugstore and some of those products work really well. And sometimes you can find your favorite name-brand stuff online for a really good price and it seems too good to be true - and sometimes it is, because it’s actually counterfeit.

A new consumer report, from brand protection agency MarkMonitor finds that more of us are unknowingly buying makeup and skincare products we think are the real deal but are actually fakes. They surveyed 4,400 people from 10 countries and found some unsettling things about our online shopping habits.

About a quarter of us are buying counterfeit products online without knowing it - including makeup, skincare, supplements, and even medication! Makeup is the most commonly bought imitation item and the place most of the fakes come from is Internet marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

But the scariest part is the way that people report finding out their products weren’t the real deal - 34% of folks say they realized it when they had a bad reaction. So not only is buying falsies frustrating, it could be dangerous.

And if you want to avoid getting duped into buying a counterfeit product online, make sure you’re shopping at a trusted retailer like Sephora or Ulta, or at the brand’s website. Those sketchy online deals just aren’t worth the risk.

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