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Employers are revealing the worst job interviews they’ve ever encountered.  It all started after someone posted the question “Employers of Reddit, what was the worst way a candidate messed up a job interview with your company?” One girl showed up with her mother who she expected to sit in on the interview, another dropped his meth, and another picked up a phone call and then just walked out.  Click below for more...

Source: Reddit

A study out of England suggests that driving more than two hours a day can increase the aging process of the brain.  The study found that drivers who spend two to three hours a day behind the wheel already had lower brain power to begin with, but in addition, their IQ scores decreased faster than those who didn’t drive, or did less driving.  Researchers suggest it could be because our brain is inactive during the drive, or the stress and fatigue caused by driving could lead to cognitive decline.

Source: The Sunday Times


Researchers at MIT have developed a neural network called Pic2Recipe that can take a picture of a dish and work backwards to develop a recipe for it.  The researchers developed a database, “Recipe1M” from millions of recipes and pictures on sites. So far, the network works well with baked goods, but has problems with more ambiguous food, as well as foods that have multiple recipes.

Source: MIT News

In the past, research showed marriage was linked to “a longer life span, fewer heart attacks, and strokes, and a lower risk of depression.” So it’s no wonder everyone felt they had to get hitched. But new research actually shows that link between being married and good health doesn’t exist anymore.

Study author Dmitry Tumin says this new information “may reflect demographic and cultural trends that have undermined the protective effects of marriage. So because women can earn their own money these days, they don’t get the same financial benefits from being a Mrs. that they once did.

Tumin also says that while single life is better for women than it used to be, marriage can also be more stressful than it used to be. “Work-family conflict has increased in the closing decades of the 20th century and spouses’ actual time spent together has decreased,” he explains. So all the demands of being married as well as actually spending less time together takes its toll on a couple.

But most of us haven’t been tying the knot just for our health anyway. We did it for love and that’s not going to change. And we don’t need a study to tell us that.

Source: The Zoe Report

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