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A new survey finds that 50% of folks say that sugar content is the thing they pay the most attention to when it comes to food, with 20% more concerned about calories.  81% of people say they are doing their best to cut sugar out of their diet in order to improve their health.  75% of consumers don't know what constitutes the “sugar” listed on the nutrition label, while another 75% are unable to identify “added” sugars.

Source: The Business Journal

We know how important eating breakfast is, but what we eat makes a big difference. Starting your day with just a danish or banana can leave you hungry way before lunch. So follow these nutritionist-approved tips for making your breakfast as healthy as it can be.

  • Eggs - Toss in some avocado or roasted sweet potato to get a serving of veggies first thing, boost your fiber and vitamin K by adding some spinach, kale, or arugula, or a dash of turmeric for a fresh flavor this anti-inflammatory spice brings.
  • Oatmeal - Use rolled or steel-cut oats since they have less fiber. And add real fruit instead of dried because it has less sugar.
  • Cereal - It’s easy to over-serve yourself, so make sure you’re watching your portion size, usually about three-quarters of a cup. Make sure you really read labels so you can find one with less sugar. And you can always add more protein by tossing in some nuts or seeds.
  • Smoothie - Use frozen fruit instead of juice to boost the fiber and throw in some avocado, flaxseed, coconut oil, or chia seeds for your omega-3s. Plus, research shows that more air in a smoothie makes it more filling, so blend it for a good two to three minutes.
  • Toast - Use 100% whole-grain bread with at least three grams of fiber to it takes longer to digest. And don’t forget the protein! Try cottage cheese, smoked salmon, or nut butters to balance out the carbs.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

We know the biggies when it comes to aging gracefully, so we wear sunscreen and don’t smoke. But here are some other things that might make you look older before your time.

  • Hitting happy hour - We love having a few drinks after work as much as anyone, but alcohol is a diuretic and long-term dehydration can affect skin’s elasticity, leading to those dreaded wrinkles.
  • Your daily commute - It’s not the stress, but the traffic-related pollution that can cause you to get more age spots, according to one study.
  • Your job stress - One study found that stress steroids released in the brain can speed up the onset of Alzheimer’s and according to another study, job-related stress can actually cause harmful changes in our DNA that are linked to several degenerative diseases. So maybe it’s time to finally start doing yoga and meditating?
  • Your posture - Not only can slouching cause neck and back pain, poor posture can actually lead to a weakened spine and increased spinal curvature later in life. Need more proof? According to one study, adults who have better posture showed increased cognitive function but those with bad posture had a harder time recalling memories. So stand up straight and drop those shoulders.
  • Your lack of sleep - You already know how important getting enough quality sleep is to your health, but a studyalso found that self-described “poor sleepers” showed more skin-aging effects like fine lines and slacking skin. So skip the binge watching!
  • Your devices - Not only is your smartphone keeping you from making your bedtime, your eyesight is affected too. A study found that long-term blue light exposure from screens is linked to age-related macular degeneration. So turn off the phone and go to bed!

Source: PureWow

Moms work so hard to take care of households, job responsibilities, kids, partners, and themselves. And sometimes they need some downtime. So when you hear an overworked mama say she needs a break, here’s what she might really mean:

  • "If everyone doesn't leave me alone I may scream” - Sometimes when mom says she needs a break, she really means that if someone else asks for something, she’s going to start screaming at anyone and everything in her path. And there may also be cursing involved.
  • "I want to take a long shower alone" - If mom says she needs a break, she might just need a little me time, with no whining, requests, or little hands. Expect her to be in that shower for a good half hour.
  • "I need time away from my family" - Saying “I need a break” can be mom code for I need some time alone, that means everyone - even the people she loves most. Some moms will even do the dreaded grocery shopping if it means alone time.
  • "I need some time with my friends" - Hanging out with friends is good for mom’s mental health and when she says she needs a break, she might want to take it in the form of a girls’ night out or a coffee date.
  • "I want to quit my job & run away" - You probably won’t hear mom admit this, but she might feel this way if she says she needs a break. The fantasy of living on a distant island with no bills and responsibilities is pretty appealing sometimes!
  • "I need all the sleep" - Mom might need a break in the form of more sleep and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Extra sleep makes mama happy and that’s good for the whole family!

Source: Romper

There’s nothing better than sliding into bed when you have cozy, soft sheets. And when you’re ready to buy a new set, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great ones, you just need to know what you’re looking for. Here are some pointers from the Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab.

  • Read the fiber content first - For soft and affordable, 100% cotton is a great choice. When you want premium sheets, Extra-Long Staple cotton, like Pima or Egyptian is softer and more durable. A cotton/polyester blend will feel a little synthetic, but the polyester makes it cheaper and less likely to wrinkle.
  • Thread count isn't everything - The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab has found that the sweet spot for softness and strength is 300 to 500-thread-count sheets.
  • Know the difference between weaves - The biggies are percale and sateen. Percale is a basic, grid-like weave that “feels light and crisp” whole sateen feels “silky smooth.” Their tests show consumers usually prefer sateen.
  • Don't assume it'll fit your mattress - If you have a tall mattress or use a mattress topper, measure to make sure the sheets will fit. Their fit tests have found that fitted sheets that fit up to 15-inch mattresses perform well.
  • Always check the return policy - You don’t want to get stuck with a set of sheets you don’t like or that don’t fit, so find out if you can bring them back before you buy.

Source: Good Housekeeping

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