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A new study finds that an equal number of men and women say they have a “difficult” relationship with a colleague.  But women are more likely to say their problem is with a fellow female co-worker and are also more likely to say a female colleague is “difficult” than they are to cite a man, or not cite anyone at all. Women who have other female friends in the office are less likely to say they have an issue with other female colleagues.

Source: The Daily Mail

According to a new RetailMeNot report, August 5th will be the busiest back-to-school shopping day this year, followed by Labor Day, September 4th.  63% of parents say they’re likely to spend $100 per person on school this year, while 33% will spend more than $250.  75% of parents say money is their biggest cause of stress during back-to-school shopping season.

Source: The Street

A new study suggests regularly doing crossword puzzles will keep your brain healthy.  The study looked at 17,000 healthy people 50 years of age and over, asking hem about their crossword puzzle history, and then tested their brains in areas like memory, reasoning and attention.  Those who regularly do crossword puzzles have a brain that functions similar to someone ten years younger than they are.

Source: StudyFinds

These days parents are shelling out big bucks to make sure their kids birthdays a truly special day.  A recent report suggests about 26% of parents spend more than $500 on a kids’ first birthday bash, while a British survey finds that parents spend about $28,000 on birthdays through the age of 21.  Big expenses include cakes which can cost between $400 and $600, fancy venues and entertainment.

Source: New York Post

You know the crack about “hey – we drank out of the hose and it was just fine?” Yup. But in modern times, as parents, it’s kind of just in our nature to sanitize and sterilize everything our little ones come in contact with. But according to Jack Gilbert, who studies microbial ecosystems at the University of Chicago, dirt is actually good for babies and their immune systems, so it’s okay to set down those antibacterial wipes, mom.

Gilbert, a father himself, researched how exposure to dirt and bacteria affects our kids for his new book, “Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for Your Child’s Developing Immune System.” And he found that “most of the exposures were actually beneficial.” He also says parents tend to go a little overboard with the over-sterilizing.

“It’s fine to wash their hands if there’s a cold or flu virus going around, but if they’re interacting with a dog and the dog licks their face, that’s not a bad thing,” Gilbert says. “In fact, that could be extremely beneficial for the child’s health.”

This “dirt expert” also says exposing kids to dirt helps build their immune system and that allergies are the result of parents trying too hard to protect kids. And get this, Gilbert says a study of more than 300,000 kids found that parents who lick their kid’s pacifier when it drops on the ground instead of washing before giving it back to junior have kids who “developed less allergies, less asthma, less eczema.” So be a “pacifier licker” and let your kids get dirty – your kids will be healthier for it!

Source: Scary Mommy

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