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According to some new research by Grub Hub, even if folks start the week eating healthy, they usually can't make it the entire week.  Americans eat their healthiest on Monday, but things start to go downhill by Wednesday and by Thursday they start indulging again.  Folks eat the most salads on Monday, but by Friday they are ordering pizza.  As for the popular dishes on other days of the week:

  • Tuesday – Thai Cruch salad (37%) and Roasted turkey Cobb salad (37%)
  • Wednesday – Chipotle cowboy salad (38%) and Shwarma bowl (26%)
  • Thursday – Crab Rangoon (27%) and Shawarma bowl (26%)
  • Friday – Red pizza (72%) and cheese pizza (65%)

Source: New York Post

99% of Americans love ice cream, with 70% craving it once a week and 25% craving it daily.  22% of Americans avoid ice cream because the don’t think it’s a healthy choice, while 17% skip the indulgence because they want to lose weight and stay fit, and 16% have to avoid it because of dietary restrictions.  61% of people feel guiltier about eating too much ice cream than being late for work, while 56% feel less guilty about binge watching TV on a nice day, and 52% feel less guilty about skipping the gym.

Source: The Business Journal

If you’ve always felt like your second-born kid was more of a troublemaker than your first, you’re not just imagining it. Science has your back on this one, mamas. According to a recent study, there’s evidence that second kids really are harder.

MIT economist Joseph Doyle led a group of researchers who analyzed info from thousands of families in Florida and Denmark, comparing siblings’ “chances of delinquency” over a period of years. And what they found was actually a little disturbing.

It turns out, in families with two or more kids, the second-born is 25 to 40% more likely than their older brother or sister to end up in trouble at school, end up in the juvenile justice system, and even end up serving time in prison!

So why do researchers think this happens to second kids so much more? One theory is about parental attention - basically that the second kid gets a lot less attention than the first one did. And that makes sense because you just can’t give two kids your undivided attention at the same time.

Experts also suggest that it has to do with first kids learning most of their behavior from mom and dad and second children learning more from their older sibling. Since parents know how to behave properly and kids don’t always choose to, they’re not always the best role models. But it does seem like a huge jump to go from jumping on the bed to being a juvenile delinquent, even for those mischief making second-born kids.

Source: The Stir

People are doing all kinds of things to get the perfect, full eyebrows they desire. From microblading, where they tattoo on natural looking brows, to pencils, powders, and gels used to fill in and define, there are lots of ways to up your brow game.

But this new method is one we’re not so sure about. People are actually using a stamp to stamp on their eyebrows these days. The product comes from the brand i-Envy and they claim to create “flawless brows.” All you do is moisturize the eyebrow area first and then stamp the tool into the brow pomade, then stamp it on your eyebrow area. And viola, instant eyebrows.

The idea is interesting and it is really quick, but there are a few downsides. For one thing, there are only two brow shapes to choose from - “delicate” and “natural”, so you’re limited to just those options. And they only offer three colors, chocolate, dark brown, and ebony. So if you need a lighter shade or a different shape, you’re out of luck.

While the women in i-Envy’s promotional video appear to be happy with the eyebrow stamp and their brows look good, not everyone’s face will work with those two shapes and three colors. And that means a lot of people will be walking around with stamped-on eyebrows that are too dark and the wrong shape, and that’s not a good look on anyone.

Source: Allure

So you’re trying to eat healthier and you’ve been doing a great job when you’re making meals at home. But eating out is a little trickier and definitely full of more temptation. So here are some rules for restaurant dining that’ll help you stick to your weight loss goals.

  • Eat like you normally would - Don’t skip eating during the day so you can “save up” your calories for dinner. Registered dietitian Wendy Bazilian says when you go into a meal famished, foods you wouldn’t otherwise be tempted by become way more appealing.
  • Do some menu investigating - Pay attention to the descriptions of the way the food is prepared and look for words that indicate lighter dishes, like baked, broiled, grilled, and steamed. Avoid less healthy foods that are fried, crusted, or stuffed.
  • Aim for a balanced plate - Bazilian says your meal should include a mix of non-starchy veggies, lean protein, complex carbs, and healthy fat - whether you’re eating at home or in a restaurant. This combination of nutrients slow digestion so you’ll feel full longer.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for modifications - It’s okay to ask your server if the kitchen can tweak a dish for you to make it healthier. Most of the time they’re happy to accommodate.
  • Be choosy - You don’t have to say no to wine, bread, and dessert, but Bazilian suggests choosing one thing to treat yourself with and savoring that instead of having them all.
  • Be portion-smart - The size of your meal matters as much as the ingredients. And restaurants are known for giving out mega-size portions, so keep that in mind and don’t feel like you have to finish everything on your plate. You can even ask your server to box up half of your meal before you start eating, just to be sure you don’t overdo it.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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