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A new report by British travel site MyOffers reveals some of the most bizarre complaints travelers have made regarding their vacations.  One person complained that it took them longer to fly from Jamaica to England than it took travelers to get to America from Jamaica, while another complained that they weren’t warned there’d be fish in the sea.  One woman complained that the topless beach ruined her vacation because her husband wouldn’t stop looking at other women. (?!?) Click the link below for the full list…

Source: The Daily Mail


A new report by Allianz Travel finds that Americans will be spending $100 billion on summer vacations this year.  The average American will spend $1,978 on their summer getaway, up from $1,798 last year.  44% of Americans say they are confident they’ll be taking a summer vacation this year, while 52% are confident they’ll take some sort of vacation this year, even if it isn’t over the summer.

Source: Allianz Travel


It’s hot outside! And to deal with the heat, we’re wearing less clothing to stay cool. And if you’re trying to drop a few pounds or maintain your healthy weight this season, summertime treats and hectic schedules can make it tough. So here are some tips to help you succeed.

  • Breathe, sweat, repeat - Get out there and enjoy the summer weather. Go for a swim, a hike, or bike ride every day, even while you’re on vacation. Stick with it for a few weeks and that daily workout routine will become a habit.
  • Grab that reusable bag - Head down to your local farmer’s market to take advantage of all the tasty produce available in the summer. You’ll get delicious, nutritious food that’ll help you reach your weight loss goals.
  • Get out your calendar - Don’t let your summer schedule throw you off your fitness routine. Make sure you plan time for your sweat sessions so you stay on track, even with all your summer plans.
  • Go easy on the summer celebrating - We love having a few glasses of wine, enjoying a barbecue with friends and beating the heat with an ice cream cone as much as the next girl, but all those indulgences add up. There are plenty of healthy swaps you can make to cut the calories and still enjoy the summer fun. Homemade juice pops instead of ice cream, grilled veggies instead of a cheeseburger, or just skipping the butter on your corn on the cob will help.


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