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According to a new report, three out of four streaming video watchers in the U.S. watch Netflix.  40% of Wi-Fi equipped households have Netflix, with YouTube in second (30%), followed by Amazon Video (18%) and Hulu (12%).  34% of those who watch streaming content don't subscribe to pay TV, although 44% do subscribe to cable and 22% have satellite TV.

Source: 24/7 Wall Street

Job website Indeed has come out with their choices for the Best Places To Work in 2017.  The picks are based on their database of 15 million employee reviews of companies featured on this year’s Fortune 500 list, which ranks the top U.S. companies according to their total revenue in a particular year.

Top Ten Best Places To Work In 2017(click here for the complete list)

  1. Salesforce
  2. Southwest Airlines
  3. JetBlue Airways Corporation
  4. Facebook
  5. Google
  6. CenterPoint Energy
  7. DTE Energy
  8. NIKE
  9. Apple
  10. The Walt Disney Company

Source: Indeed

Starting July 30th, which is National Cheesecake Day, Cheesecake Factory is adding a Funfetti cheesecake to the menu.  The cake features the chain’s original cheesecake, along with layers of vanilla cake with sprinkles, and strawberry, chocolate and vanilla mousse, with cream cheese frosting to top it off.  The chain plans to donate 25 cents from each slice sold to the hunger relief organization Feeding America.  Unfortunately, WE DON'T HAVE CHEESCAKE FACTORY IN NORTHWEST ARKANSAS!  But maybe you can stop by one while on a summer roadtrip...

Source: Today

It’s easy to get bored with your workout routine when you’re doing the same thing in the same gym all the time. But if you want to make your sweat sesh more fun and feel easier, a new study finds that all you have to do is take it outside. Just spending time outdoors has health benefits, but this new research finds it can also help you feel more energized, happier, and less tired while exercising.

So does working out in the great outdoors make it feel so much better? Professor of sport science and lead study author Martin Niedermeier explains that it’s the powerful combination of exercise and exposure to nature. You get the stress relief from seeing nature and the physical activity is invigorating, so doing it together gives you that boost.

To get the most of your outdoor workout, Niedermeier advises finding a place you consider beautiful and relaxing, with lots of plants and water. The more green or blue your environment is, the more you feel the positive effects. But if the best you can do is to walk around your neighborhood, you’ll still get some benefits. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

Source: Shape

If your weight always seems to be going up and down and you’re either hungry from following an unsustainable diet or packing on the pounds from eating normally, you’re certainly not alone. But how do we find the happy medium? Registered dietitian Keri Glassman says it’s all about improving your diet long-term, not dieting short-term.

Glassman suggests focusing on eating whole, real foods, including as many veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats as possible. And she says we don’t need to worry if the vegetables are roasted in lots of oil or if the protein comes in the form of a burger, which makes it a lot easier.

But Glassman says the key to ending that up and down weight cycle is to learn to feel satisfied instead of full. She says learning to stop eating when you’re satisfied but not stuffed will change how you eat forever. And she says the way to start doing that is by putting down your fork between each bite to help you slow down and notice how full you are.

Working out regularly is important, too and Glassman explains that the more fit you feel the more motivated you are to exercise and eat well. She also says focusing on a fitness goal, like running in a 5k race or being able to use a 20-pound kettlebell is better than thinking about working out to lose weight. And remember, making those healthy changes for the long-term takes time, so be patient.

Source: Women’s Health

As if doughnuts and ice cream couldn’t get any better, now you can get an ice cream stuffed doughnut! Talk about a perfect summery treat. Los Angeles dessert bar B Sweet is serving up these tasty treats, which they call Halos.

B Sweet describes their Halos as “a hot pressed glazed donut ice cream sandwich.” How amazing does that sound? And you can customize yours with any of the ice cream flavors they have available. The hot doughnut and the refreshing cold ice cream really is the best of both worlds.

If you make doughnuts in NWA, feel free to steal this idea!

Source: Scary Mommy


A new thread on Reddit's BabyBump forum has a bunch of moms revealing the ridiculous things their partners have said during their pregnancy:

  • “Me: 'God, I look like a cow...' DH: "Well, you'd bring home the blue ribbon for sure!'"
  • "Could a c-section be worse than getting my appendix out?"
  • "Childbirth is so natural - I don't know why people make such a big deal about it."
  • "So glad the hospital has free Wi-Fi! I'll be able to stream the game."
  • “Once we were watching something where a woman was in labor, and my husband goes ‘Why do women yell and scream so much during birth? It's so unnecessary.’"
  • “My ex (and father of my unborn child) said to me yesterday: ‘have you got any idea how difficult this pregnancy is for me?’ and quite regularly texts me to say ‘this is so hard on me, can't you be a bit more supportive?’"
  • “Went in to our Marshall's clothing store to see if they had a maternity section, they didn't. Husband: ‘Isn't plus-size the same thing?’”
  • “Probably my first pregnancy, where my husband said ‘hey, your belly is bigger than your a** now!’"
  • “I've been farting. Bad. BAD. And my husband said, ‘Oh don't blame this on pregnancy too.’ Like, hello? Have you smelled anything like this come out of me before?”
  • “My coworker (whose wife is super pregnant): ‘Well, I've passed kidney stones twice, so I think I know what it feels like.’"

Source: Reddit

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