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According to AAA, 44.2 million Americans plan to travel this weekend for the Independence Day holiday.  That translates to the most traveled Independence Day ever, with 1.25 million more travelers than last year.  37.5 million people will road trip for the holiday, with 3.44 million flying and 3.27 million getting to their destination via other modes of transporation including cruises, trains and buses.

Top Ten Independence Day Destinations

  1. Orlando, Florida
  2. Vancouver, Canada
  3. Cancun, Mexico
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  6. Honolulu, Hawaii
  7. Anaheim, California
  8. Anchorage, Alaska
  9. Las Vegas, Nevada
  10. Montego Bay, Jamaica

Source: AAA


A new poll finds that a great number of travelers suffer “packing panic” because they can’t get everything they want into their luggage before a trip.  20% of people admit they’ve had to reconsider what they packed after not being able to fit everything into their suitcase, while another 20% have been forced to pay overage fees because their luggage was too heavy.  50% of folks say they’ve sat on their suitcase in order to get it to zip closed, while one in three people got help from someone else to get it to close

Source:  The Sun

Ladies are better at a lot of things than men are. Science tells us they’re better learners, more empathetic and even have cleaner hands. But now research shows they’re also better at something else, but it won’t surprise you. It turns out, women also better at reading minds than guys are.

According to a new study from the University of Cambridge, a woman’s genes are just wired to read emotions when staring into someone’s eyes. Researchers tested close to 89,000 participants with a “cognitive-empathy test,” and found “people can rapidly interpret what another person is thinking or feeling from looking at their eyes alone.”

And ring-a-din-ding…women scored better than men! The study identified variants on women’s chromosome 3 that explain why their ability to “read the mind in the eyes” is higher.

"This is the largest ever study of this test of cognitive empathy in the world,” says study leader Varun Warrier. “This is also the first study to attempt to correlate performance on this test with variation in the human genome.”

So when you really want to know what your partner is thinking, just stare into his eyes and you’ll probably figure it out. It’s science!

Source: PureWow

These days, more and more people are skipping the scale. We’re finally figuring out that the number it shows is just a number and doesn’t really tell us anything about what kind of shape we’re in. A quick glance at Instagram and we see all kinds of women who actually gained weight when getting fit because they gained so much muscle.

But if you do ditch the scale, how can you tell your weight loss progress? According to registered dietitian Albert Matheny, the key is paying attention to how your clothes fit. So instead of weighing in every morning, get dressed and notice if your pants feel looser.

“I never use the scale with my clients unless they feel motivated by it and request it,” explains Matheny. “The number is irrelevant if you are happy and confident with your progress.”

And always remember that muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less space, Matheny says. So as you get stronger and gain more lean muscle while losing fat, your body will be more toned and tight. And your clothes will start fitting more loosely. Your weight might not change much when you get in shape, but your appearance will show all your hard work.

Source: Women's Health

Guess it was only a matter of time, but the first lady is big in the world of plastic surgery these days. It seems one of the hottest trends for those going under the knife is trying to look like Melania Trump.

It seems Houston surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose has been getting so many requests from patients wanting to look more like the FLOTUS that he now offers a “Melania Makeover” service. He says he started it when he realized clients were more interested in resembling the first lady than first daughter Ivanka.

“I’ve have had many women visit my office wanting the ‘Ivanka look,'” Rose says in a press release. “So it’s not really surprising to see women now requesting to look more like Melania, who is simply gorgeous.”

Texas mom Claudia Sierra has had eight procedures to look more like Melania and says the first lady is her “inspiration.” She’s had a breast reduction, rhinoplasty, lipo, a Brazilian butt lift and an eyelid lift.

“Melania for me illustrates power and strength,” Sierra explained before her “Melania Makeover.” “She is our first lady and I am looking forward to more closely resembling her and becoming a better version of me and for it to show on the outside.”

Source: New York Post

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