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A new poll finds that 56% of workers prefer a more casual dress code in the office, although 41% admit they’re sometimes unsure about whether certain things are appropriate for the office.  48% of people would rather not have such uncertainty and would prefer to wear a uniform.  For example, employees revealed some things they thought about wearing to the office but weren’t sure about their appropriateness, and some of them are a bit surprising, while others have us shaking our heads in total disbelief. They include:

  • An off-the-shoulder ("cold shoulder") top
  • Leggings
  • A Hawaiian shirt
  • Flip-flops
  • A baseball hat
  • Jeans
  • Pajamas
  • Fishnet stockings
  • A tight sweater
  • Capri pants
  • A track suit
  • A low-cut top
  • Dressy sandals
  • A hockey jersey
  • Shorts
  • Cargo pants
  • A political T-shirt
  • Colored jeans
  • A tank top
  • Tennis shoes
  • A short skirt
  • A sheer top

Source: OfficeTeam


A new Reddit thread asked folks, “What's the pettiest reason why you didn't go on a second date?” and let’s just say, it’s no wonder some folks are single. Excuses ranged from loud breathing, to bad smells and more.  Petty reasons include:

  • “She didn't believe me when I explained how centuries are counted.”
  • “She picked up her phone directly after eating BBQ wings without wiping her hands off.”
  • “She enunciated every word ending in ing with a ‘guh.”
  • “She tailgated the sh*t out of everyone, always. I had a sore leg from stomping on the imaginary brake.”
  • “This person was a perfect storm of mispronunciations that drove me to distraction. 'Expecially,' 'Something eltse,' 'Chipolte,' 'irregardless,' and 'pacifically' all in one date. I thought I was being had on, but nope, checked out his FB and he was even worse at words online.”
  • “He came to pick me up and he was wearing a bowler hat and a tie dye shirt.”
  • “His voice was a way higher pitch than I expected it to be and it completely caught me off guard. I couldn't get over it, second date never happened.”
  • “He asked me if I wanted a soda from a hot dog cart, and I said yes. He asked me to get him one too.”
  • “She asked me to take her to the local amusement park and then let me know she 'didn't do rides' once we got there. I would have loved to take her literally anywhere else, until that date...”
  • “She smelled like cheese. Not like a delicate Muenster, but more like a sharp Cheddar.”
  • “I went on a date with a guy who constantly mouth breathed louder than the show we watched. He was super nice. I just couldn't do it.”
  • “She used the same laundry detergent as my grandmother.”
  • “Decided I really didn't like the drawn on eye brows.”

Source: Reddit


Apparently the old rules of what’s appropriate for a middle-aged woman to wear don’t apply anymore.

 “What people really care about today is authenticity and self-expression,” beauty guru Bobbi Brown says. “If a 45-year-old woman feels like sneakers or pink hair really speak to her personal style, she is going to go for it, regardless of her age.”

Here are some of the fashion-forward trends women once thought to be “over the hill” are rocking these days:

  • Ripped jeans - Finding the right jeans is more about body confidence than age. Women who like ripped jeans don’t feel pressured to stop wearing them just because they’re over 40.
  • On-trend nail art - Anyone of any age can try trendy nails, just keep them short and go for clean designs, like color blocking.
  • Pink and blue hair - This look isn’t for everyone, but plenty of 40-somethings are trying their tresses with bright-colored highlights these days.
  • Body-baring bikinis - Lots of women think they need to trade in their two-piece bathing suits for a sensible swimsuit once they reach a certain age, but lots of women over 40 have banging bodies and look better in bikinis than younger women and they have no plans to trade in for a one-piece.

Source: New York Post


When you think of exercise and perfume together, you may have flashbacks of your junior high school locker room filled with clouds of fragrance. But according to the perfume subscription service Scentbird, “workout fragrances” are one of the top new searches.

  • So people want to smell good while they get pumped up for a sweat sesh. But no one wants to overdo it and cause a fellow gym goer to pass out, so here are some tips for responsibly scenting and sweating, from Anne McClain, founder and perfumer of Brooklyn's MCMC Fragrances.
  • Roll with it - Instead of an alcohol-based fragrance spray, try an oil that rolls onto your skin. It keeps the fragrance on you instead of wafting over to your neighbor.
  • Stick to citrus - If you’re looking for a scent linked to energy, choose one with fruity or herbal notes. They’re light and less noticeable to those with sensitive noses, too.
  • Be courteous - You don’t want to be that girl with way too much perfume on, so think of those around you and apply your fragrance 20 minutes before exercise. That way the most potent top notes can dissipate some. And that’s really important if you’re in a confined space, like a yoga studio.

Source: Women's Health

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