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A new UK poll, which could easily translate here, asked folks what phrases and clichéd sound bites annoy them the most in the office.  “Blue-sky thinking” tops the list, followed by “idea shower”.  One person who knows he uses such jargon admits he just can’t help it even though he knows he sounds like an “idiot”.

Top Ten Most Annoying Office Jargon Terms

  1. Blue-sky thinking
  2. Idea shower
  3. To ‘action’ a project
  4. Going forward
  5. Brainstorm
  6. Getting the ball rolling
  7. Drill down
  8. Out of the loop
  9. Thinking outside the box
  10. Touch base

Source: The Daily Mail


A new study by finds that 91% of boys and girls ages 13-17 know what kind of job they want after they graduate from high school, but it turns out the genders have very different ideas of their future.  36% of boys are interested in STEM careers, only 11% of girls have similar career goals.  26% of girls are interested in a career in the arts, while only 10% of boys say the same, while 24% of girls also are interested in jobs in the medical/dental field, and only 6% of boys have similar aspirations.

Source: Junior Achievement


If you're a fan of old school Bath and Body Works scents, your summer is about to get a whole lot better. The company has announced plans to bring back one of our favorite scents of all time: Cucumber Melon.  Back in the day, we all loved the body sprays, but now that clean, fresh smell is hitting the BBW shelves once again in several forms. The scent is coming in body lotion, shower gel, "fine fragrance mist" (body spray!), anti-bacterial hand gel, a candle, two hand soaps, a wall plug-in, and hand cream. Just don’t use them all at once like your teenage self would have.

  • Country Apple
  • Brown Sugar and Fig
  • Sun-Ripened Raspberry
  • Freesia
  • Plumeria
  • Juniper Breeze
  • And Pearberry

They haven’t told us how long these scents will be on the shelves, so get them while you can. Last year, BBW brought some of their all-time best-sellers back with their #FlashbackFragrance campaign, but they were only around for about a month. The good news is that these classics are coming out just in time for Bath and Body’s semi-annual sale, which starts today. So you can smell good and save money. Happy shopping.

Source: Glamour

We all know that we should be moving our bodies regularly because exercise is important to our physical and mental health. But does it matter how we break a sweat, or are all workouts good enough, as long as we do them? When a group of doctors was asked about the best forms of physical activity, one was a clear favorite, above weightlifting, running, and brisk walking: yoga.

So what’s so great about yoga? It has the benefits of being a workout and relaxing your busy mind at the same time, explains Dr. Robin Berzan. And not all sweat sessions can do that. And even if you don’t have a whole hour to dedicate to it, a few minutes of yoga has health perks.

Source: Byrdie

The trendiest color of spring has been millennial pink. The soft blush color has been seen on everything from sneakers to nail polish and hair color. But now there’s a new pink product that’s Instagram worthy, but still a little surprising: pink pineapples.

Yep, companies like Dole and Del Monte have been developing these pretty pink pineapples for 12 years and now they’re finally here. They’re just like the regular ones, just in a salmon-y color. But are eye-catching as they are, are these fruits safe to eat?

Well, the pink pineapples are FDA-approved, but they’ll be labeled as genetically modified. Because pineapples don’t grow that coral-y color in nature, food scientists have to tinker with them to get them that shade. They actually do it by increasing the lycopene in them, which is the stuff in tomatoes and watermelons that give them their color.

So the FDA says the pink pineapples are safe to eat, but they’ve been wrong about things before. And if you’re on the fence about these pretty GMO pineapples, just use them as decorations or Instagram props and stick to the regular old yellow ones for eating.

Source: PureWow

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