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According to a new Rutgers-New Brunswick study, washing your hands with hot water isn’t necessarily the only way to effectively kill germs.  The study finds cool water removes just as much harmful bacteria as hot. The results also finds that washing for at least ten seconds “significantly removed bacteria from the hands”

Source: Rutgers


According to the NPD Group, there was a huge decline in Americans going out to lunch last year, with folks making 433 million fewer trips to restaurants for their mid-day meal.  That translates to a $3.2 billion loss for restaurants.  Some experts suggest folks eating healthier could be the reason, or it could be because they are spending their time at gyms during lunch, or are just too busy and eat at their desks

Source: WHAS 11


Is there a gin that actually makes you LOOK YOUNGER as you drink it?!?

It’s cleverly called CollaGin. And they claim that the more you drink it, the younger you look. CollaGin calls it “The Elixir of Youth,” and it’s made with “a rejuvenating twist of anti-aging botanicals such as star anise, pink grapefruit, and orris,” along with pure collagen.

And as amazing as this liquor sounds, it’s not even the first gin that claims to diminish wrinkles and restore skin. Last year, British hotel group Warner Hotels partnered with two food designers to release Anti-aGin. It seems all collagen gins have to have punny names. Anti-aGin is sold in Warner hotels and grocery stores in the UK and claims to give drinkers a “revitalizing” effect.

There haven’t been any scientific studies yet on how well collagen cocktails work to fight the signs of aging. But if you like a good gin and tonic, you could give it a try for yourself. But hey – don’t most people look better with a few drinks on board?

Source: Extra Crispy

In some ways, celebs really are just like us. When it comes to parenting stuff, they have to deal with the same things we do, despite their designer duds and fancy au pairs. And celebrity mothers have learned some parenting tricks and hacks along the way that make life easier when dealing with all the chaos that kids bring. Here are some famous moms’ suggestions for staying sane and finding your way out of messy situations.

Fix a broken pull-up - When your kid’s pull-up breaks during a flight, follow the lead of Kristen Bell. This quick-thinking mom banded the side of her son’s snapped pull-up with a hair tie, and showed off her handiwork on Instagram.

Breastfeed in peace - When Kim Kardashian had issues breastfeeding her infant son Saint because her daughter North was jealous, she came up with a smart trick. Kimmy shared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she stuck a milk box with a straw in her bra to pretend to feed the tot so both babies got to drink.

Treat your home like an Applebee’s - Blake Lively told an Australian news outlet that she plans to put a suggestion box in her house. The mom explains, “The kids could leave comments on what you could do better, or what the other kids would do better.”

Get your baby to sleep through the night - Lots of us depend on a wind-down routine to slumber soundly and kids can benefit from the same idea, Tamera Mowry explains on her blog. “Our nighttime ritual includes a warm bath, bedtime stories, and prayer,” the mom of two writes. “These are all relaxing, “wind down” type of activities, that help lull baby to sleep.”

Always bring extra clothes - Hilary Duff learned the hard way that moms should have a change of clothing on hand for themselves as well as their little one when her son had a blowout on an airplane. “He had an extra outfit, but I didn’t,” the mom told Buzzfeed. “That was an interesting last hour and a half of the plane ride. He was clean, he was good … I wasn’t. So I’ve shoved an extra T-shirt into my bag ever since.”

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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