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Admit it parents, sometimes we think that we are WAY MORE in touch than we actually are when it comes to teen speak. You may have ‘LOL’ and ‘BRB’ down pat, but looking deeper into your teen’s text messages and social media posts may leave your head spinning.  While most texting codes are completely innocent, some child safety experts warn that there can more than meets the eye. Some lingo might double as code for suicidal thoughts, bullying, sex and drugs.  'Bark' is an online safety platform that analyzes 10-million teen messages per month across text, email, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Here’s a current list of the top “sneaky” terms that teens use – see how many you know:

  • 53X = sneaky way to type "sex"
  • KMS = kill myself
  • LH6 = let’s have sex
  • CD9 = code 9, parents around
  • GNOC = get naked on camera.
  • WTTP = want to trade photos?
  • LMIRL = let’s meet in real life
  • IWSN = I want sex now
  • PAL= parents are listening
  • TWD = texting while driving
  • GYPO = get your pants off

Experts agree that awareness is key in the constantly evolving world of teen lingo. They suggest checking websites like Netlingo to stay up to date.

Source: USA Today


Some of us are just not “gym people.” And while we prefer being lazy to a sweat sesh, we do like the idea of sneaking in fitness whenever we can. So since summer is almost here and we need to get ourselves caftan-ready, here are a few tiny tweaks we can make to our routines that could burn a few extra calories and boost our metabolisms without setting foot inside a gym.

  • While you’re brushing your teeth - Make the most of the time you spend on this mundane activity by burning some extra calories and working your thighs. Registered dietitian Alissa Rumsey suggests pulsing up and down in a second position plié while you’re brushing your teeth, or doing your makeup and hair.
  • While commuting - Fitness expert Joselynne Boschen says if you sit on the edge of your seat with your feet slightly off the ground during your commute instead of cuddling up and getting comfy, you’ll activate your abs and burn a few more calories too.
  • While waiting in line - Instead of looking at the line you’re waiting in at the post office or Starbucks as a huge waste of time, spend the time perfecting your posture and tightening your glutes and abs, Boschen suggests.
  • While cooking - She also says cooking is a good time to do some kicks, jump squats, or any movement you want to help burn extra calories when you’re in the kitchen.
  • While waiting for your coffee to brew - Boshen advises doing some calf raises while you’re waiting for your coffeepot to finish or kettle to boil.
  • While vacuuming - Do some lunges while you’re getting the floors clean and you’ll feel the burn in your legs and booty, she explains.

Source: Byrdie

Most of us argue over the proper pronunciation of words.  'Expresso' and 'perscription' are two of the most common.  37% of us have listed mispronunciations as a top pet peeve of our spouses. Have you ever found yourself in a debate with someone over how to pronounce a specific word? The kind of debates that are even better at a bar when people are slurring their words to begin with?  Buzzfeed recently asked people to list the mispronunciations that annoy them the most. See where you weigh in on these:

  • Expresso vs. Espresso
  • Realtor vs. Realator
  • February vs. Febuary
  • Jewelry vs. Jewlery
  • Especially vs. Expecially
  • Verse vs. Versus
  • Etcetera vs. Excetera
  • Sherbet vs. Sherbert

You can click HERE to see which pro-NUNCE-iations (or do you prefer pro-NOUNCE-iations) people prefer.

Source: Buzzfeed


We hear about different supplements we should be taking from friends, family, and the Internet, but which ones should we take and which should we skip altogether? Here are a few we can drop from our routine, and why some could even be bad for our health.

Calcium - While women have been hearing that we need calcium supplements to have strong, healthy bones, it’s actually not true. Dr. Lorraine Maita, diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine says new research shows those calcium supplements could actually calcify arteries and soft tissue, raising the risk for heart disease. Instead, boost your calcium with nondairy sources, like leafy greens, white beans, almonds and broccoli.

Vitamin E - We used to think taking it could help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, cataracts, and cancer, but now they warn vitamin E may actually raise the risk of some cancers. But you don’t need to worry about the amount in your multivitamin, most don’t contain enough to be harmful.

Iodine - Iodine deficiency is rare in the U.S. because our food is supplemented with it. And too little or too much iodine can cause an underactive thyroid, so you don’t want to take a supplement unless a doctor recommends it after testing your iodine levels.

Iron - Our bodies need this mineral, but too much of it can cause damage to the liver and possibly other organs, like the pancreas and heart, as well as cause cellular damage from liver inflammation. So don’t take an iron supplement unless your doctor runs a test to determine you actually have a deficiency.

Vitamin B6 - There are eight B vitamins that make up the “B complex” that’s essential for being healthy, turning food into energy, and promoting healthy skin, memories, pregnancies and more. But a lot of foods, like fruits, veggies, whole grains, poultry, and fish contain B complex vitamins, so most of us get enough through our diet. And taking B6 supplements for a long time can lead to nerve problems, so skip this supplement.

Source: Women’s Health Magazine

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