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A new report determined the states with the highest and lowest cost of living by looking at six critical elements - housing, groceries, utilities, transportation, healthcare and miscellaneous expenses.

Top 5 States With the Highest Cost of Living(Percentage Above National Average)

  1. Hawaii, 67.4%
  2. District of Columbia, 49.2%
  3. New York, 35.2%
  4. California, 34.8%
  5. Massachusetts, 34.7%

Top 5 States With the Lowest Cost of Living(Percentage Below National Average)

  1. Mississippi, 14%
  2. Indiana, 12.1%
  3. Michigan, 11.8%
  4. Arkansas, 11.5%
  5. Oklahoma, 11.4%

Source: GoBankingRates


A new poll finds 26% of millennials in college say they're planning to move back home after they graduate in order to save money and pay off their student loans.  32% of students owe somewhere between $10,000 and more than $50,000 for their education, with the average about $10,205.  Most of millenials 20 to 26 say they would be “embarrassed” to still be living with mom and dad by 28, while 30% say they wouldn’t feel bad until they were between 30 and 34.

Source: USA Today


According to a board certified dermatologist, re-wearing your dirty gym clothes can cause a lot of problems. Sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria results in mildew and bacteria growth that can transfer back to your skin and cause acne or something as bad as a staph infection. You also shouldn’t stay in your sweaty clothes too long after the gym because it can also be bad for your skin.

Source: Fox News

According to a new “Aging in America” poll, 71% of Americans say they aren’t worried or fearful about aging very much, or even at all.  49% of people use positive words like “hopeful,” “relevant” and “vibrant” to describe the aging process, while the same amount describe it as “scary,” “depressing,” and “lonely”...and 62% of Americans say that 80 isn’t too old to run a marathon, serve in government, be a CEO of a company, teach a class or practice yoga.

Source: multivu.com


Folks are expected to spend about $23.6-billion on Mother’s Day this year, which is up from $21.4-billion last year.  Flowers continue to be the top seller for Mother’s Day, with 52% of Americans planning to get mom either flowers or a plant.  11% of people plan to get mom chocolates, while 9% will get her baked goods, fruits, nuts and specialty gifts.

Source: Yahoo Finance


Love them or hate them, Crocs are having a moment. Those rubbery shoes made their first appearance on the Fashion Week runways back in September and they’ve been gaining popularity since.  And get this - according to resale website thredUP, used Crocs are one of their hottest items of the season - selling quicker than more trendy brands like Free People and Anthropologie. The numbers from thredUP show that Crocs are selling 58% faster than any other product they sell! And almost all (97%) of them are bought within three months of being posted.  The average cost of the used footwear is $11, so if you have some old Crocs collecting dust in the back of your closet, cash in while you can.

Source: Cosmo

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