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It turns out a lot of moms tend to share the same words of wisdom with their kids, and some classic “MOM-isms” are apparently universal.  A poll finds that 43% of people say their moms have used the phrase “Because I said so,” while 40% have heard “Don’t worry, everything will be okay.”  Not all “Mom-isms” are positive, with 17% saying they’ve heard their mom say “oh, is THAT what you’re wearing?”

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According to a National Sleep Trends Report, women with children experience much greater sleep challenges than men.  Only 13% of moms rate their sleep as “good,” while 46% of dads rate theirs that way.  One of the big reasons moms aren’t getting a good night sleep is children who get up in the middle of the night, and when that happens it impacts the amount of deep sleep a mother gets.

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A new survey finds that only 44% of college seniors feel their college experience has left them feeling “very prepared” for their careers.  83% of college seniors say they feel at least “moderately prepared” for the workforce, with interpersonal skills like communication abilities and teamwork, and critical thinking skills the areas they feel most confident about.  42% of students say the most important thing is finding a career that would provide a “comfortable life” for themselves and their families, while less than 30% want to make “an impact on the world or on people’s lives."

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Baskin Robbins recently conducted a poll to uncover how ice cream plays a role in family time and it seems moms and dads use it in very different ways.  Moms are more likely to use ice cream as a reward for something good, while two-thirds of parents say they dangle ice cream as an incentive to get their kids to do something they don’t like.  Dads are 65% more likely than moms to offer ice cream as an incentive to get kids to do chores.

Other results from the ice cream survey include:

  • 62% of parents say ice cream is their child’s favorite treat, with chocolate coming in second at only 20%
  • 96% of parents say ice cream is great to enjoy with family and friends
  • 54% of parents use ice cream to resolve conflict, although dads are twice as likely to use it than moms (77% vs. 30%)
  • 72% of dads eat ice cream weekly, while only 54% of moms say the same
  • Moms are five times more likely than dads to enjoy eating their ice cream alone

Source: Yahoo Finance


A new thread on the anonymous Whisper App has brides confessing the crazy behaviors of their groomzillas.  One groom wanted to attend all of his bride’s events, including the bachelorette party, while another couldn’t decide on a shade of blue for the ceremony.  One bride got so fed up with her groomzilla that she called off the wedding.

Among the confessions:

  • “I wanted to go to the courthouse to get married, [but] my fiancé wanted a big wedding. We compromised and are doing a big wedding.”
  • “Fiancé threatens to cancel the wedding because he doesn’t like the hair preview.”
  • “When you are dealing with a groomzilla it’s hard to care about his opinion because his opinion is the only one he cares about.”
  • “I’m a girl and I hate how my wedding planning is going. It’s all what he wants. When, where, guests, food. I hate it.”
  • “My brother cursed me out when I said I couldn’t afford to fly to Italy for his wedding. Groomzilla?”
  • “My fiancé is being such a pain during our wedding planning. He’s insisting on coming to my bridal appointment. Like no…you can’t see the dress.”
  • “How do I get my groomzilla of a fiancé to decide on a color scheme? Like seriously, all the blues look exactly the same. Just pick.”
  • “If you’re wondering why there’s camo print at my wedding, might I introduce you to my groomzilla?”
  • “My fiancé wants to attend ALL of my pre-wedding girl events, including the bachelorette party. I get that he wants to be involved but…”
  • “My fiancé flipped out about the venue, flowers, DJ, harpist…that’s just the main stuff. I left him a month later. Jerk grooms are jerk husbands.”

Source: Whisper

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