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If you can’t spend Mother’s Day with your own mom, you can still make it special in her honor. This is how you can show her you care, even when you can’t spend the day with her.

  • Have a Skype date - Why just talk on the phone when you can see mom’s face while you wish her a happy Mother’s Day and catch up. Make it a digital lunch date and eat together while you Skype.
  • Cook her favorite recipe - When you can’t be with mom on Mother’s Day, you can feel like she’s right there by cooking something she likes to make.
  • Finally take her advice - So you can’t take your mother to brunch this year, but you could at least clean out your closet like she was nagging you to do on her last visit. She’ll appreciate that you finally listened to her.
  • Pick up the book she loves most - If “Gone With The Wind” is your mama’s favorite book and you’ve never even cracked the cover, why not give it a chance in honor of her holiday? She’ll love knowing you read it just for her.
  • Give her favorite activity a try - If your mom’s a gardener, spend some time in your backyard or a local park to take in the greenery. Or if she’s into hiking, take a long walk in her honor. Just spend time doing something she’d love to do with you if you could be together this Mother’s Day.
  • Spend the day with other women who have inspired you - Can’t be with the woman who brought you into the world? Then spend some time with the other ladies you love in your life who’ve helped you become the amazing woman you are.

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We all make mistakes in life and when it comes to working out and being healthy, we don’t always do the right thing. These are the mistakes trainers wish we’d stop making to stay as healthy as possible and see better results.

  • Stop avoiding carbs - Carbs are your body’s first resource for energy, so cutting them and doing high-intensity workouts isn’t the opposite of what you should be doing, according to trainer Kellie Sikorski.
  • Stop fad dieting - Body architect Grant Weeditz says to stop juicing, detoxing, and fad dieting because these weight-loss attempts are unsustainable and unbalanced. He says these are forms of starvation that really only lead to small decreases in body mass and when you go back to regular eating habits, you often end up back at square one.
  • Stop skipping meals - Not eating causes your metabolism to slow down, so you store fat more easily and burn fewer calories, Sikorski explains.
  • Stop eating protein bars - Sure, they’re convenient, but a lot of them have as much sugar as candy bars and if not sugar, they contain alcohol, fat, and lots of carbs. Body architect Jacqueline Kasen suggests just eating a small meal with nutrients instead.
  • Stop drinking excessively - Alcohol is full of sugar, carbs, and empty calories, plus it makes it harder for your body to burn fat, Kasen says.
  • Stop skipping protein - “Never eat a meal or snack without a major source of protein,” Weeditz advisers. “It will convert to fat within hours after consumption without exercise. A banana, toast, and coffee do not qualify as breakfast.”
  • Stop eating fake food - Eat real food raised on a farm, caught in the wild, or grown in the ground, recommends Weeditz.
  • Stop starving yourself at night - He also says that as long as you’re doing some kind of muscle-building activity a few times during the week, eating a big dinner or having a snack before bed is fine, as long as your overall calories are consistent from day to day.
  • Stop giving up - Trainer Sam Karl says when things get hard in life, you shouldn’t give up, and that goes for the gym, too.

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We’ve always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but according to one biochemist, forcing kids to eat breakfast is a form of child abuse. Sounds crazy, right? But according to Professor Terence Kealey, parents shouldn’t force their little ones to eat breakfast at all.

So what does the wise professor suggest we do instead? "I would let the kids decide for themselves if they want breakfast," Kealey says. "Lots of kids don't want to eat breakfast. If you're worried, give them an apple or something, but the idea that you should force them to eat breakfast is a form of child abuse."  Apparently, we don’t have the same understanding of the definition of “child abuse.” Asking a kid to eat some oatmeal or eggs hardly seems abusive. But we do get the idea that you shouldn’t be forced to eat if you’re not hungry. The thing is, when kids head out the door at 7am, they might not be ready to eat, but when their little tummies start rumbling at nine, they don’t have the luxury of eating in class.  Kealey has type 2 diabetes, so he thinks that forcing your kid to eat when they don’t want to could put them at risk for the condition, too. But the idea that coaxing your child into eating breakfast is abuse is ridiculous! And like lots of other parenting choices, it’s up to each mom and dad to know what’s best for their own kid.

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A new study by Feeding America finds there are still millions of Americans having a hard time feeding their families.  On average food-insecure Americans find themselves $527.19 short on their food budget per year, which is a 13% increase from 2008, the start of the Great Recession.  The issue seems to be the worst in the Southern United States, with 89% of counties in the area ranking in the top 10% of counties facing food insecurity.

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The FBI recently revealed the birth dates of many serial killers, which in turn gives us some insight into which zodiac signs are the most dangerous.  Cancers are the most dangerous since they tend to be passive-aggressive and very jealous, which could result in them committing more crimes, including murder.  Gemini seems to be the least dangerous sign, and tend to be good-hearted people with no intention of killing people.

Other dangerous signs include:

  • Sagittarius – A sign of several historical crazy people including Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, Joseph Stalin
  • Taurus – They tend to be aggressive and angry
  • Aries – They tend to have short fuses
  • Pisces– They are people who get easily addicted, with several serial killers, including John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez, Aileen Wuornos born under that sign
  • Capricorns – Although most Capricorns aren’t dangerous, if provoked they can be, with many killers born under this sign

Other more innocent signs include:

  • Aquarius – They believe in justice and are pretty smart, making them pretty harmless
  • Leo – They tend to be proud and loud but that’s pretty much it.
  • Libra – They are very patient, but they can lose their temper if harmed by others
  • Virgo – Although they may have psychopathic tendencies, they don’t tend to be violent

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