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A new survey finds that 66% of people say they’ve gotten bad career advice, with 35% of people saying that bad advice came from friends.  Other common sources of bad advice include parents (14%) and siblings and family members (10%).  Folks also shared some of the worst advice they’ve ever gotten when it came to their careers. So, how bad could the advice be? Well, Accountemps asked for some examples, and some are doozies. They include:

  • “Lie on your resume, they expect you to." – Friend
  • "Be conservative in your work so you're not given too many responsibilities." – Friend
  • "Make your resume very detailed and very long." – Friend
  • "Stick it out as long as possible, even if you hate it." – Parent
  • "Don't practice for the interview." – Parent
  • "Don't be friends with coworkers." – Parent
  • "Apply absentmindedly without doing research." – Career counselor
  • "Take credit for others' work so you can get ahead." – Mentor
  • "Stay in a role rather than grow within the company." – Boss
  • "Respond with the first thing that pops into your head during an interview." – Sibling or other family member

Source: Accountemps


A new “Lost and Found” survey finds that misplacing items is so commonplace folks are wasting about 2-point-5 days a year looking for things.  Americans spend $2.7-billion a year replacing their misplaced items, with two-thirds of people spending up to $50 a year replacing lost goods.  The most common thing we misplace is the TV remote, with 45% of people saying they can’t find it at least once a week, while 71% say they misplace it about once a month.

Source: The Business Journal


New research suggests that women’s brains shrink while they are pregnant.  Is proved that some gray matter was lost after pregnancy, specifically in areas that deal with people’s feelings and nonverbal signals.  The loss actually aids in brain processing, and makes mothers more efficient in figuring out their children’s needs and emotions, which results in a better maternal attachment.

Source: USA Today


A barista in Michigan named Jocelyn created a new brightly colored drink, known as the Mermaid Frappuccino.  She created it when her store ran out of ingredients for the Unicorn Frap and it’s quickly going viral on social media.  The beverage is made up of a vanilla bean base with freeze-dried blueberries, and drizzled with “a toasted coconut matcha sauce."

Source: Mashable


Starting later this month, Taco Bell is adding what they are calling Naked Chicken Chips to the menu.  Basically it’s their version of chicken nuggets, with the Naked Chicken Chalupa fried shell reconfigured to look like triangle-shaped chicken pieces, which come with a side of Taco Bell Nacho cheese sauce.  They will be available as a six-piece or 12-pieces order, and will be added to the Taco Bell menu starting May 11th, but only for a limited time.

Source: Mashable

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