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If you're on Facebook, there’s no doubt your feed was inundated last week with "the list of 10 concerts" your friends have attended, with only one being fake.

While the list may have seemed innocent enough, most people probably forgot that a common security question online is to name the first concert they attended, so if anyone actually shared that information on social media, it may have revealed some crucial information to those who want to break into your online accounts.

“If I’m a hacker, I’m taking full advantage of this,” Fatemeh Khatibloo, an analyst with Forrester Research, tells “USA Today.” She advises people to quickly delete that post, adding, “Don’t make those kinds of answers about your life public.”

Of course, not everyone seems to be that worried by the concert post. “I think we’re all getting a little paranoid,” Per Thorsheim, a Norway based security expert, adds. “People said you should never post on Facebook that you’re going on vacation and when you’re coming back, because someone will read that and come clean you out, but I do it all the time, and I have had no problem posting vacation photos.”

Source: USA Today


A new survey uncovers what kinds screen time and how much kids are getting these days

Television is still the most popular device used at home, with 62% of parents saying kids are mostly drawn to the boob tube, followed by tablets (47%), smartphones (39%) and video game consoles (38%)

31% of parents believe their children are more isolated because the devices keep them from having more social interactions, while 40% think tech promotes school readiness and cognitive development

Source: Report Linker


Most of us want to be happy, but that doesn’t mean we walk around feeling genuinely blissful all the time. We try to focus on the positive, but there are little ways we’re sabotaging our own happiness without even realizing it. Here are a few things we should cut out of our lives to help let more joy in.

Constantly scrolling through social media - This is the worst for making us feel bad as we compare ourselves to the lives we imagine our friends and exes are living based on their edited, filtered Instagram photos. But instead of being so concerned about the glossy lives of everyone else, we should put the phone down and remember real life has no filter and no one is perfect.

Not moving enough - We're all just coming out of our winter hibernation, where we eat more comfort food and workout less. And as good as it makes us feel at the moment to skip the gym for takeout and Netflix, at some point all that inactivity catches up and can lead to us feeling unhappy.

Worrying what other people think - Your mom was right when she said, “Who cares what people think?” but it’s so much easier said than done. Especially when we’re all living our lives on social media, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in what people think and how they’re judging every little thing, but we’d all be happier if we just stay true to ourselves and not care what they think.

Source: Elite Daily

Parents are one of the most sleep-deprived groups of people out there and we’re always happy to squeeze in an extra bit of sleep whenever we can. And that’s just what a British gym is banking on. David Lloyd Clubs in the UK are now offering Napercise class for tired moms and dads, so they can hit the gym and catch a nap.

This blissful class consists of showing up, grabbing a sleep mask, choosing a bed and snoozing for 45 minutes. Heavenly, right? They spend the first and last few minutes of each class working on tension-relieving stretches, which sounds as enjoyable as the nap itself! They even keep the room at an ideal temperature for sleeping and you get your own blanket!

For parents who haven’t had a full night’s sleep in so long they don’t even remember when it was, this could be a game-changer. With childcare offered by the gym, it could actually be worth it to pay to take nap class so you could sleep. Who needs fitness when you could catch ZZZs? Not us!

Sadly, Napercise hasn’t made its way across the pond yet, but it’s got to catch on soon. Hear that gym owners? We’re tired and willing to pay to come sleep there. Sign us up and take our money!

Source: Scary Mommy

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