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According to a new survey, almost 70% of people say they work at least one weekend a month, and they usually put in about nine hours, which is basically a full day.  63% of people say their employers expect them to work over the weekend.  85% of folks say they want to get more out of their weekend while 83% say the weekend is “never long enough.”  With so much work on people’s minds its no surprise that most people aren’t satisfied with their weekend. Overall, 85% of folks say they want to get more out of their weekend while 83% say the weekend is “never long enough.” Amen to that!

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A recent report reveals that scientists have gotten a bit closer to creating what they’re calling an “exercise pill,” which will give folks all the health benefits of working out, and also prevent obesity.  The pill would suppress a protein called myostatin, which enhances muscle mass and can improve heart and kidney health.  Obese people find it harder to exercise because they produce more myostatin, and if they don’t exercise they don’t build muscle mass and then find it more difficult to take off the pounds.  Of course, the pill is probably still a bit off. So far the theory has only been tested on mice, but it’s still promising. Especially for all us lazy folks...

Source: New York Post

“Emily Post’s Etiquette” has just come out with their 19th edition and they’ve added new chapters to address our Smartphone-addicted world.  The book recommends folks treat texting like any regular conversation, so they believe it’s rude to delay answering a text or to send someone too many messages.  As for online dating, they say if you don’t get a response from someone after a second message to just move on, and when you finally meet up with someone in person regular social rules should be followed.

Source: New York Daily News

Friends, we need to talk about some not-so-great news about our favorite vino. According to new research, white wine could be causing inflammation in our skin. And the more you drink, the worse it could be. The research shows that women who drank one to three glasses a week - which really isn’t much - had a 14% higher risk of rosacea. And it jumps up to a 49% increased risk for women who sip on five glasses a week. That’s still not even a glass a day!  If you prefer red wine, you’re in luck - studies haven’t shown it to have the same effects on the skin. But now that the weather’s warmer and summer’s right around the corner, everyone will be drinking white wine and possibly ruining their skin in the process.

Source: The Zoe Report

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