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A new RetailMeNot survey finds that 70% of shoppers will buy mom a gift for Mother’s Day this year, with $58 the average amount most will spend. The number one requested gift by mom is flowers, with 48% of moms saying it’s their top gift choice.  Other top gift choices include a fancy dinner, a gift card, jewelry and beauty products

Source: Yahoo Finance


The first things you say when meeting someone can leave a lasting impression.  There are certain things you should avoid saying at all costs if you want someone to have a positive image of you. You should avoid using “I” all the time, never question someone about politics, and don’t talk salary or complain about your job.  Among the things you shouldn’t say when meeting someone new (click here for the complete list):

  • “I hate this company” or “My boss is a jerk” - If you’re trying to put your best foot forward, negativity is never helpful. It’s bound to ruin a person’s first impression of you, and plus, there’s nothing they could do about it. If you have a real complaint, take it to someone in HR.
  • “How much money do you make?” – Salary is something people don’t usually like to talk about so you’re bound to turn someone off if you’re direct enough to come right out and ask.
  • “I’m sorry to be a bother” - If you’re already sorry about something you haven’t done yet that’s not good, and if you feel that way why would you go ahead and do it. Instead, say something like “excuse me, do you have a moment?”
  • “What do you think of our President?” – Politics on the first meeting is never a good idea. Nobody needs to get into an emotionally charged conversation right off the bat.
  • “When is your baby due?” – While it may seem like a nice question, what happens if the person isn’t actually pregnant? There’s really no going back from such an insult.
  • “Did you hear…?” – It’s never good to be tagged as the office gossip, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen if you start sharing info you probably shouldn’t be.
  • “I love your dress” – It may seem innocent enough, but it’s best to avoid comments on a person’s personal appearance or belongings. If you really want to give a compliment, try giving them praise about the work they’re doing.
  • “I’m so beat” – Letting someone know you’re tired isn’t going to help you. Instead, try and project a high energy when meeting someone for the first time.
  • “You're cooler/prettier/nicer than I thought you'd be” – This makes you sound like you had low expectations of the meeting, which could translate as an insult.
  • “I…I…I” – Such self-absorption is bound to be a turn off. Instead, try showing sincere interest in others.

Source: Business Insider


WalletHub looked at all 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine which are best and worst for children’s healthcare. To make their determinations, they looked at 28 key indicators in areas of cost, quality and access to children’s healthcare for kids ranging in age from 0 to 17.

Top Ten Worst States For Kids Healthcare

  1. Nevada
  2. Mississippi
  3. Arizona
  4. Alaska
  5. Texas
  6. Montana
  7. Georgia
  8. Arkansas
  9. South Carolina
  10. Oklahoma

Source: WalletHub


Breakfast may really be the most important meal of the day, at least when it comes to weight loss. We’ve all started our day with some tasty baked good or cereal, only to be hungry by 11am and grabbing anything in sight to satisfy you until lunch. All those calories don’t exactly help the number on the scale go down.

But there’s one food that nutritionists recommend for breakfast to help satisfy you: eggs. It’s all the protein - six grams, BTW - that really fills you up and keeps you going until lunch. And they do it without weighing you down. And don’t think you need to skip the yolks and only eat the egg whites to see the pounds drop, think again. Nutritionists actually encourage us to eat the yolks because they can help with weight loss, they help increase the good HDL cholesterol, and they’re a great source of B12 and choline. So swap your bagel for a couple eggs and you’ll see the difference on the scale.

Source: Delish

As kids, we’re taught to always be “nice.” But as we grow up, we figure out this doesn’t apply all the time. Women are often expected to be nice to everyone else, even if that means not being nice to themselves in the process. But that can hold us back because men are just fine with not being nice all the time. So here are some times it’s okay to give yourself permission to break the “always be nice” rule.

  • When helping others hurts you - It’s always okay to turn down a request if doing it would be bad for you. You’ve got to think of your own comfort level and well-being first.
  • When you need to take an opportunity - You might miss out on your chance at something if you wait for everyone to have a fair shot. When you’re trying for a promotion or a seat on a train, it’s okay to be competitive.
  • When someone needs tough love - You can be kind without being nice. Kindness is telling people things they don’t want to hear so you can help them.
  • When you're in trouble - If you’re in danger, you do anything you have to defend yourself and stay safe.
  • When you're too drained - Hey, you’ve only got so much love and caring to give out before you need a recharge. It’s okay to stop being nice to save yourself.
  • When it's just not who you are - Not everyone is naturally sweet and bubbly, so it’s okay to be yourself. But not being nice isn’t the same as being mean.

Source: Bustle

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