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If you didn’t get your hands on a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino this weekend you’re out of luck - since it was only available for the weekend, and it seems the one group of people that’s likely happy it’s over is the Starbucks barista. Seems the Unicorn Frap was in such high demand that some stores ran out of ingredients and adults didn’t take it well. “Honestly, the number of grown-a** human beings throwing temper tantrums was disgusting,” one barista wrote on Reddit. “You’re grown, get a hobby,” while another added “a grown woman screamed when we told her we don’t have any more.”

Source: New York Post

While for some people there are certain household tasks that seem so easy even a child could do it, you’d be surprised at how many people are ill-equipped to do simple things on their own.  In case you missed it, a new UK survey, which could easily translate here finds that about 20% of people have no idea how to change a light bulb. If that’s not crazy enough, another 20% don’t know how to boil an egg either.  And those aren’t the only household talks that people are clueless about. Only 50% of people know how to get stains out from their clothes or a carpet, while only 37% can change a flat tire. Meanwhile, about 31% of people say they can’t cook a meal without a recipe, while 34% of people admit they can’t read a map, 35% can’t sew on a button and 43% don’t know how to change a diaper.



The website How I Met My Dog seeks to match humans with dogs based on things like personality, lifestyle and behavior.  The site works similar to dating sites like Match or eHarmony, and asks users detailed, science-based questions that aims to figure out exactly which dogs an adopter should meet.  After a match is made it is up to the adopter to visit the dog and either they or the shelter will make the final determination as to whether the match is perfect!

Source: New York Post


What did we do before Pinterest? We had many magazine subscriptions and recipe boxes. But now life is easier because we can create boards for anything on the website and those pins are just waiting for us when we finally throw that baby shower or refinish the kitchen counters. And Pinterest is paying attention to all of our pins. According to the site’s Home Report for 2017, these are the big trends in kitchens this year.

  • Super organized pantries - Cleaning out your pantry isn’t just about checking expiration dates. The home cooks on Pinterest want their pantry shelves to look like a high-end grocery store, and you will too when you see the photos. We’re talking matching baskets to store fruits and veggies in and adorable little chalkboard labels.
  • Vertical bar carts - We all love a cute bar cart, but when you’re short on space, it’s tough to justify. That’s why these trendy off the floor versions are perfect. They’re using floating shelves or peg boards on Pinterest to create stylish storage that doesn’t take up much space.
  • Composting - It’s not just for your off-the-grid cousin in Idaho. Lots of people want to know how to DIY a compost bin and the do’s and don’ts of what goes in it.
  • Coffee bar command center - People are serious about their coffee, so it makes sense that those who prefer to make it at home are creating entire stations around their buzzy brew. These are stocked with mugs, sugar, coffee makers, and anything else you’d need to get your cup on and face the day.
  • Cast iron cookware - Cooking pros know that cast iron beats nonstick any day. It can take the high heat, lasts longer than the cheap stuff, and cooking in cast iron even adds iron to your food.

Source: Delish

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